You’re my #MCM, I’m your #BAE


Sweet boy, you sure make life a little brighter.
You have completely and utterly changed my world.
Without even knowing, your presence has brought so much joy into my life.
Your smile- so easy and light.
Could literally lite up a sky with just one smirk.

Those eyes, ohhhh babe, those eyes.
Were chosen precisely to melt my heart.
There is no other boy that could fill my heart with so much love.

It’s the little moments,
Like when I walk in the room and your attention focuses on me.
Or when you reach for my hand, and everything else in life doesn’t seem so bad.

You have made bad days better,

and good days great.
I didn’t know my heart could love anything more, then the last,
but you have proved me wrong.

Your hugs have healed,
And your laugh is what I would imagine heaven sounding like.
You are my Man Crush Monday, every day.
And I am your BAE (Best Auntie Ever), forever.

I promise to be your biggest cheerleader,
And when your older, drive you to the hot cheerleader’s house.

I promise to spoil you with cool clothes and shoes,
But mostly spoil you with endless love.

Sweet boy- you have stolen my heart
And I cannot thank you enough.

Happy first year of life,


this crazy ride has only just begun.







“2 wrongs don’t make a right, but 5 Wrights make a family.”


Thanks for completing our tribe, Cooper.


Celebrate life, everyday-

Choose love,


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