You are a paradox…

You are a paradox.

Strong in the sense of ability and routine, but weak when it comes to other things.

Faithful, yet detached.


You crave adventure and wild, live without warning. But most days you’re home,


and at feeling at ease.


A blend of fire and ice,

Kinda rude mostly nice.


Your humor is loud and obnoxious, secretive, and cool.


You speak of things that people recognized and know about you,

but write of the things people could only imagine you to do.


You’re whiskey and water, definitely your fathers daughter.


You pride herself on being alone, but would never allow someone to call you lonely.


Your limitations have been steady, but they have given you more life than ever.


You break barriers and walls, standing up against the fight, only knowing that it all started, because the fight is what broke it all and you.


A combination of sensitive and savage.

And the feeling of free falling to safety.


You believe in spending more to get more. Even if that’s your own patience, time, or money.

The thought that you are happy with what you have,

is prevalent,

but the focus on improving what you have is just as enticing.


You are mysterious, but open.

Knowing you have nothing to hide, but unamused to share with those who don’t deserve it.


You run from rain,

but sit in a bathtub full of water.

You love the cold, but your passion  for life couldn’t be much hotter


So there it is..


You claim you are hard to read, to understand, to love….

But darling-

I just did it.


Nobody likes predictable,

We all like a little adventure.


Now go on-

Keep us guessing,

Be wild & peaceful.

Be everything & nothing.

Be the truth

or maybe,

just be the bluffing…


But i promise you this,

You’re allowed to be more.


Find the beauty in the chaos,

better yet be chaos.


If you haven’t already-

Choose Love,




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