Wishes do come true…



As we drove up to the house, the kids were all outside. 

they knew we were coming, and to be in that moment,

knowing we could potentially change this families life forever, 

was something I will never forget.


Non-profit work will always hold a very large piece of my heart.

The organizations that are doing good things in this world deserve to be helped.

Make-A-Wish Foundation is one of them.


I was asked to go to a training in Albuquerque by one of my previous co-workers.

This training would allow us to be the only two “Wish Granters” in Las Cruces.

Of course- I couldn’t say yes fast enough.


It was simple, Wish-granting volunteers work in teams of 2-3 to grant the wishes that change lives.

Make-A-Wish trained us in a 3 hour class, that informed us on how the wish granting process happened and to help children identify their most heartfelt wish – and to bring the experience to life in a way that exceeds every expectation.

To hear stories about previous wishes being granted, from tree houses being built, to trips to Disney World, to shopping sprees and real life horses.

The realization that this was going to be life changing was exciting.

As I sat in a room filled with a variety of individuals, we had to stand up and tell everyone why we wanted to volunteer.

while some were doing it for college, sororities or fun.

3 or 4 people stood up and talked about how they have either personally had a wish granted for them or they were in a family that had.

Some were still around, and one specifically lost her brother who had a wish granted, but had passed away.

and on this day of the training, it was his birthday.

my heart broke.

sometimes i get so engulfed in my own world, the “why me.”

and forget that others have gone through what i have.

losing a parent,

losing a sibling,

losing more…


To be a part of just one childs wish coming true seemed like enough reason to volunteer.

“When a child is fighting a life-threatening condition, their future is uncertain.Their whole family’s world is turned upside down. That’s why wishes are so important. Once their most cherished wish is granted, a child will see that anything is possible. It gives them and their family the emotional strength they desperately need to fight their condition and hope to face their future – whatever it might hold.”


Most wish requests fall into four major categories:

  • I wish to go:
    Some wish kids want to travel to their favorite theme park, while others want to visit an exotic beach, go on a cruise, see snow for the first time, or attend a major sporting event or concert.
  • I wish to be:
    Children search the depths of their imagination when they wish to be someone for a day — a firefighter, a police officer or a model.
  • I wish to meet:
    Many want to meet their favorite athlete, recording artist, television personality, movie star, politician or public figure.
  • I wish to have:
    Children often wish for a special gift, such as a computer, a tree house, a shopping spree or something that they have coveted for a long time.


There are a few things I want to touch on:

  1. The child does NOT have to be terminal to be considered for a wish. He or she just has to have a life threatening illness which is confirmed with their doctor.
  2. Children up to the age of 18 can be granted a wish.
  3. All wish expenses are fully covered, including all travel and spending money when appropriate.


After the initial training we waited for our “Weekly Wishes,” email to be sent out that informed us for all new potential wish children.

This information is sent out to all volunteers where we have the opportunity to choose if want to be apart of a certain child’s wish. At that point we only get their name, age, diagnoses, location, and some basic interests and favorites.

Since we were the only two volunteers in Las Cruces, we of course jumped on the first two kids that were located here.

Due to safety and to honor the families choice, we are not allowed to post pictures, or share detailed information about our wish kids.

We received paperwork regarding our first Wish Child,

I will call him B.

B was 13 years old and was diagnosed with left hypo plastic heart syndrome.

he had 5 younger brothers and sisters,

and was full of so much life.

As volunteers on our first meeting we are allowed to get them an initial gift, this helps ease the process of them sharing their life with us and who doesn’t like gifts?!?!

I filled a gift bag with a variety of chips, and a Smithsonian insect identification game.

(carbs and bugs were his favorite things.)

This kid already stole my heart. (CARBS are LIFE)


As we drove up to the house, the kids were all outside. 

they knew we were coming, and to be in that moment of thinking we could potentially change this families life forever, 

was something I will never forget.



B has 5 younger brothers and sisters, and they were all so excited when we pulled up to their home.

“They’re here, they’re HERE!”

As we entered a stranger’s home, we were greeted with hugs and smiles.

As Dana sat with the parents, to talk “Adult” stuff, insurance, health issues ext.

I got to go outside with the kids.

As I was pulled in 6 different ways, I learned all about their life.

B was the oldest, he was kind, quite and reserved.

He was patient and let his brothers and sisters open his gift.

As I tried to complete my mission of trying to find out what he would choose for his wish,

his siblings had so many helpful ideas.

-Spiderman suites for the whole family

-A butterfly Colosseum in their backyard

-An above ground pool because their other pool was destroyed by a tornado, aka the two youngest boys.

As the day went on I found out that B was obsessed with butterflies and insects.

He had stacks of books that just had pictures and information about every butterfly in the world.

We sat alone in his room and he flipped through the pages that was like a bible of butterflies.

He described his favorite ones, and his eyes lit up with so much joy.

On the table next to his bed there was a necklace, I had asked him if he made it and he said yes,

then asked if I wanted it. I said no, but he insisted I take it.

This sweet boy, who has had health issue after health issue since the day he was born, had literally just mended a piece of my heart.

He talked about how he hated school but loved learning.

How the kids at his middle school make fun of him, but he ignores it.


After a few hours I figured it out,

B’s wish was to fly to Washington DC and go to the Smithsonian Museum.

A museum…

a kid, wanting to go to a museum.

Not a WWE match or Disney World,

a butterfly exhibit.

how amazing is that?


As we left this house, we left a family, that i felt like I had known forever.

After some paperwork, we sent the information back to Make-A-Wish in Albuquerque to wait to hear back if his wish could be approved.


After a few weeks we received an email that B’s wish would be granted!!!!


Our next step was arranging a way to surprise him and his family with the news.

We knew he loved sea food so we got him reservations at Red Lobster

(we live in new mexico, there’s no sea food here.)

And made a fake passport with his picture and a Smithsonian stamp.

We got balloons and a butterfly stuffed animal.

As we arrived to Red Lobster, my heart was racing.

I was so excited to be able to be apart of something like this and I just couldn’t imagine how this moment would change B’s life forever.

The surprise was a little shaky but his reaction was perfect.

He was so excited.

Moments like this are what brings life into perspective.

He will now be going to Washington DC with his whole family for FREE.

As I watched his hands tremble and his heart race, mine was just as full.




I learn new things every day.

About people, and experiences.

about my life and my past.

I learn how my life is mine, solely.

But that other people’s life affects mine greatly.


I learn daily, that you should surround with things and people who lift you up and make you better.

That you should do things that better this world and that the people who fill it up.

Being a good person isn’t about how many non-profits you volunteer for, or how many homeless people you feed.

And this blog isn’t to showcase a good deed I did.


It’s simply a statement and testimony, mostly to myself.

That doing good things isn’t hard, and being a good human doesn’t have to be you saving the world.


It’s just little things, compiled together.

It’s just reminding yourself that life isn’t supposed to be perfect.

It’s just a lot of moments, put together, that make up your day.

That gives you a reason to dream and wish at night.

and if you’re brave and willing,

I think the universe will reward you.



I know-

Wishes do come true.


“Do things that make wishes seem like reality.”


More heart, less hype-


Choose Love,





* I encourage you to contact your local Make-A-Wish and see about volunteer information. This organization is a blessing.





  • Marcia Maynes
    Posted at 00:48h, 09 August Reply

    This was so touching to read. You have a huge heart and the world needs more like you! Thank you for sharing

    • admin
      Posted at 14:24h, 09 August Reply

      Marcia, thank you so much for always uplifting my writing! I appreciate you and all you do so much!

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