To me, it’s just hair…

“I can vividly remember the look on their sweet faces when they gently placed their new wigs on for the first time. It was like they forgot how beautiful they were…”



To me,

Its just hair.


But to my mom and sister it meant more.


I remember both moments.


When they both started to lose their hair.

For a woman, hair is a symbol of femininity.

It’s one of the main differences when growing up you identify the difference between a male and female.

If you watch kids draw stick figure pictures, women have long hair, men have short.

It’s simple.

But it gets a little less simple,

when people no longer have that choice.

Looking back now, when my sister and mom were going through their battle.

I was just going through the motions.

I had no idea what kind of impact these little moments would make on me today.


To me, them losing their hair wasn’t a big deal.

To me, I still saw them as beautiful and courageous and everything I knew them to be before they lost their hair.


But to them that wasn’t the case.


They both were confident with bald heads.

They both would’ve not bothered with wearing a wig all the time.

But they said they did it for everyone else.

That they felt like other people felt uncomfortable around them when they rocked just the fuzz on their perfect little heads.

That they didn’t want the attention,

Or the questions.



To me, its just hair…


But they both got wigs.

just a head warmer to them,

and something that made everyone a little more comfortable.


To me, its just hair…


But if you had asked me back then to cut my hair,

I wouldn’t have done it.

I didn’t do it.


I loved my hair.


It’s a sign of beauty and something that I always get compliments on.

To me, its just hair…

But its MY hair.

And I couldn’t imagine giving it up.


After years of broken promises and jokes,

I donated my first 10inces to Pantene Beautiful Lengths in October of 2015.



It was exhilarating and scary.

And although I would like to claim that it was completely selfless,

I would be lying.

I was coming out of a breakup and just as the theory goes,

Sometimes you just need change.

I needed to cut dead weight of the past,

Of friendships,

Of a life I thought was forever.


I am so thankful I did.


To me, its just hair…


But in many ways it was a fresh start to a new life.


2 years later,

Im here.


Happy, vibrant, & absolutely proud of the human I am becoming.


To me, it’s just hair…


Because I have discovered my self worth in things other than just physical appearance.


To me, its just hair…


So that’s why yesterday I texted my hairdresser and booked an appointment for today.

Today, I donated 10 inches to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

And this time it was completely selfless.








My mom and sister were right there with me as I slowly freaked out while hearing my hair being cut off,

But nothing compares to the feeling they had when they were told they had cancer.




My hair makes me happy,

But can you imagine how happy it’s going to make someone else?


Can you imagine the look on a little girls face,

When she opens up a box with a free wig,

Brand new,

And its all hers?

How when she picks it up out of the box,

Her fingers will run through the hair like they used to run through her own?

How tears will be running down her face,

Because she gets to go to school without feeling like she isn’t as pretty as the other girls?

Can you imagine how her parents feel watching her spirit light up.


Can you imagine?


Cause I can.


So yea,

To me, its just hair…


But to someone,

its everything.


And to be small part of someones happiness is more than enough.

Life is all about the little things you do,

that make a bigger impact on the world.


and the most beautiful thing about that is,

you get to choose to do that,




Pantene Beautiful Lengths is an incredible campaign, partnered with the American Cancer Society they give FREE wigs to cancer patients. They have donated 42,000 real hair wigs to those in need.

The donation requirements are pretty simple, they ask for a minimum of 8inches of dry, no processed, dyed or grey hair.

You put it in an envelope and mail it to them.

Pantene Beautiful Lengths
Attn: 192-123
806 SE 18th Ave.
Grand Rapids, MN 55744

Your ponytail with be combined with 8-15 others to make one full wig.

If you are interested in making a donation read more here:


There’s few things in life that I can do to continue my mom and sisters legacy and life,

But Im doing what I can.


This is just another small action to show my gratitude to them and every other human that has had to go through a war with cancer.


So today I have these few things heavy on my heart:


Be more of what you want to see in the world and less of what people expect you to be.

It’s far better to give than to receive.

Be good to people for no reason.

No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart.

Know the things that set your soul on fire, those are the things that bring you joy.

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.



To me, its just hair…


You are love,

Choose to see it in everything you do.


Choose love,




*dedicated to my sweet angels. Love and miss you more than you know….

Up to the sky!

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