Take pride in your grind…

(getting real and raw for you guys)


Slow and steady wins the race.

When you slow things down, and don’t expect rapid results you start to actually enjoy the journey.

Things become active choices instead of the “have to” mind set.


When it comes to fitness and health progress,

I want to remind you that good things take time,

and even better things,

take even longer.


There is no quick fix.

Or overnight tricks.


It’s about consistency.

It’s about longevity.

It’s about balance.

But most of all,

It’s about happiness.


First of all, it’s awesome that you’re making the effort to get healthy. Even if you’re not seeing any progress, if you are eating healthy and getting a little physical activity each day you’re at least making minor improvements—whether you can see them or not. The problem with gauging progress with your eyes is that you’re rarely going to see that progress. If you’re looking at your stomach, for example, being bloated could mislead you into thinking you’ve actually gained fat or simply made no progress at all. The look of your stomach is also significantly modified by its contents. If you just ate, you’ll look a bit different from when you’re hungry. The same goes for your weight. Not only can what you ate mislead you, your weight can increase as a result of building new muscle mass:

What’s probably most important, however, is setting realistic expectations. If you start your diet and exercise with the belief that you’re going to see significant progress in a couple of weeks you’re misleading yourself. The advice I generally give and have received is that it takes a couple of months before real progress is visible. This will depend on where you’re starting and how far you’re attempting to go. Nobody has the same body and some people may take more or less time to see the progress they want to achieve. That said, if you don’t expect too much and don’t constantly check yourself for changes, you should have a much easier time believing that you’re making progress.



When we act in complete integrity, we often end up advancing at a slower pace.


Progress is not made over night.


Success in the gym, as with most things in life, comes down to mastering the basics.

While most people waste time debating the endless stream of supplements, “new” workout programs, and diet plans, all you really have to do is focus on these simple concepts and you’ll see results.
Most people workout with a short-term goal in mind.

6 week bikini body

4 day juice cleanse, to lose 5 lbs of water weight.

30 days of starving yourself so that you can binge when you eat again.

I like looking at health in a different way…

  • The goal is not to lose 40 pounds in the next 12 weeks. The goal is to regain your health for the rest of your life.
  • The goal is not to bench press 300 pounds. The goal is to be the person who continues to show up every day and put in the work.
  • The goal is not to sacrifice everything to get your fastest time in next month’s race. The goal is to be faster next year than you are today. And faster two years from now than you will be next year.
  • The goal is not to restrict yourself from certain foods because society has labeled them bad. The goal is to find balance and enjoyment out of choosing quality foods that make you feel better.


Ignore the short-term results.

If you commit to the long-term process, the results will come anyway.

Furthermore, stop acting like living a healthy life is hard  or a big deal. You can go to the gym every week. That can be “normal” for you.

Not a sacrifice.

Not an obligation.



Progress over perfection.


and what’s funny is that when you commit to being consistent over the long-term, you end up seeing results in the short-term.

That’s the power of consistency over instant gratification.





I’m still learning all of this as well.

It’s an everyday choice, but every day matters.

And in the grand scheme of things living your best life is what its all about.



  • This is a 3 month difference. No crazy hour cardio sessions, No waist trainers, No eliminating carbs. (actually i upped my carbs)
  • The changes are minimal, but they are there. Do i weigh the same? Yes. Do my clothes fit differently? Also, Yes. Most importantly i am happy and capable of maintaining this over a long period of time.
  • With basically the same amount of calories (1,800-1,900) i have lost fat and gained muscle. Peep the booty gains and shoulders.
  • Also, i would like to note that my hair will consistently and always be a complete disaster.

  • Have i always looked like this?


Hello no, this has been years of rollar coaster weights and body types.

Is it embarrassing? Absolutely, look at this picture….

I obviously knew in that moment that something was wrong….

hahahahaha i just didn’t know it was the double chin i had and the extra 40lbs I had strapped and wrapped to me.

So, don’t think who you are is who you always have to be,

and that if its not happening fast, it will never happen.



Take pride in your grind.


It will pay off,





“You are allowed to be both, a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously.”

Choose it today,

for your tomorrow.

Choose Love,


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