And I think that at the end of the day, the most important thing you can offer the universe- is how you repeatedly make people feel.

How simple daily interactions will remain with people for life.

And when you’re gone, those memories are all people can hold on to.


This event made me realize that the impact you have on the world and people,

can be minimal-

but it can also be extraordinary.


And I think, that alone, is what everyone should work for and chase,

Leaving this world, a little better than they found it.



This Lifting Wright event was more than I could’ve asked for.

It surpassed every expectation,

And exceeded all my doubts.


It lit a fire in my soul,

And reminded me just how powerful one person’s life is.


So, what started as a meaningless idea brought on by the love I have for lifting weights,

Turned into a day that I will be talking about for the rest of my life.

From designing the logo,

To coming up with the workout.

To picking a date.


It all had sufficient meaning- it all represented something that I needed to do.


This idea, was just that, an idea.

One that I didn’t think would take off like it did.

One of my many, random thoughts while driving, that turned into a full fled event in my head, of course it was easier to plan with my imagination then it did when we decided to actually make it happen.

But I should’ve known- anything that has to do with Erin Turner, will not be little, or uneventful.


To be completely honest- I started this for selfish reasons, because I needed something to make ME feel like I was holding up my end of my these promises I made to my sister and myself after she passed away.

That I would never let her voice fade, or her light dim.

That I would celebrate her life,

instead of mourning her absence.

That just because I can’t touch or see her,

Doesn’t mean her life and spirit must disappear too.


With the help of Desert Devil CrossFit, my family, and friends,

The first Annual Lifting Wright memorial WOD “ERIN” took place on July 15, 2017,

Three days after what would’ve been Erin’s 30th birthday.



With the most perfect overcast, cool and drizzly weather,

41 perfect humans performed “ERIN” at Desert Devil CrossFit.

The gym was filled with a sense of love, peace, and excitement.

There were people there that had never met Erin but were inspired by her story.

There were friends from high school,

Friends from college,

Best friends, husbands, friends of friends, daughters.

There were people that had never worked out,

Others, who never want to again.

But I would find myself standing there, unfazed

Looking at these people,

People that were wearing this simple black shirt- with her perfect name on the back.

And for moments at a time, I was filled with so much love that my heart could’ve exploded.

To know that this was for her, made me realize that it is actually possible

to have a full heart and broken heart all in one day.


Not only did this event happen in Las Cruces,

But it spread around the nation.


“ERIN” was performed in 11 different States.


People from

-Las Vegas, NV

-Midland, TX

-San Diego, CA



-New Jersey

-Atlanta, GA

-San Angelo, TX

-Plano, TX


-Amarillo, TX

-Dallas, TX

-Albuquerque, NM



And Minnesota.

Purchased shirts and donated.


We had gyms in different states perform the “ERIN” WOD for their Saturday programming.

People did it in parks, in hotel rooms, and in random gyms in their hometowns.


There are now 95 Lifting Wright T-shirts being worn throughout the U.S.

People solely donated, which was the most important part of the whole event.

MD Anderson Cancer Research is the sole reason Erin lived as long as she did.

The clinical trials that she was a part of gave her more time on this earth and my family and I could not be more thankful for the doctors, nurses, specialty staff, dieticians and even the food court workers. (we spent a lot of time there.)

That hospital will always hold very, very fond memories for us and to be able to give back to them, just a little of what they gave us, is something that I will forever try to do.


In total, we had over 130 people get involved in the 2017 Lifting Wright event on a financial level.

This doesn’t account for the people who shared, liked, talked about, and sent good vibes for the event.

Every single action mattered and I cannot possibly say thank you enough.


With that being said, I am so humbled, excited and beyond blessed to announce that we will be donating

$2,203.61 in memory of Erin to MD Anderson Cancer Center.


I am in tears just writing this because I know much this means to not only me, but to Erin as well.

I wish there were words that could explain my gratitude to this community that surrounds me.

I am reminded daily; how fragile but beautiful life is.

That with the right attitude, passion, and determination anything is possible.

That support is unwavering and chasing your dreams is attainable.

That you can be badly broken and become whole again.

That even just one person can change the world,

And that being a good human isn’t hard,

and that I have a lot of them in my life.














A million Thank you’s would never be enough- but I’ll give them out until it is.

This event was the start of something that will make a huge impact one day, I can promise you that.

Thank you all,

for making my dreams come true and reminding me what Living Wright is all about.




Chase BIG dreams, Lift HEAVY things.


The impact you have on the world and people,

can be minimal-

but it can also be extraordinary.


And I think, that alone, is what everyone should work for and chase,

Leaving this world, a little better than they found it.


Even when you don’t know why or how,

Choose love,



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