She didn’t need much…

She didn’t need much-

just a hot cup of coffee in bed.

Everything a little disheveled; the covers, her hair, her thoughts.

Sleepy eyes, focused on the sunrise.

Only a few moments, just to count her blessings.


She didn’t need much-

A big porch, small house.

Open spaces and familiar faces.

Waking up to a simple life,

loud laughs and bad jokes.


She didn’t need much-

Just a good workout, a feeling of empowerment and choice.

A list of goals- ones that were achievable alone,

But also a few that caused a little chaos.


She didn’t need much-

Clean water,

Fresh air.

Good conversation.

A good man,

Her family

and places to write about.


She didn’t need much-

Not even to be needed,

Because when you need things they unknowingly start to lose their worth,

And a girl like that,

Will never be lost.


If you had a choice between being needed or wanted, what would you choose?






Choose Love,



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