Hashtag SELF LOVE…

It wont be easy,

In fact if it is,

You’re probably not doing it right.

Love in general takes





And self love?

Well, that kind of love my dear,

Is by far, the most important.

Because you are yours,

Before you are anyone elses.


And although the self love movement is gaining a lot of attention,

I think social media has blurred what it is and what it means.


With hashtags of #selflove

Being paired with

bubble baths,


Shopping sprees and travel.

There’s this stigma that self love is easy,

And simple,

And something a $20 face mask and wine will fix.


Yet, if you ask anyone,

Who has ever had to fall back in love with themselves,



Is far from it is.


Recently I started thinking of my own self love journey,

Although cliché,

It came at a time when I had nothing else to cling onto.

It made its presence apparent,

And there was no other way around it.


Self love isnt always a luxury,

A night in with Netflix…


But rather a means of survival.


I think about all the people ive ever loved, currently love

and will love.

And I asked myself how,

How do you show love to others?

How do you fall in love with other humans?


And that’s when it hit me,

you can tell someone you love them over,

and over,

and over again.

And yes, that may sound good.

But what many people lack is action.


So just in the same,

You can claim self love through selfies,

Pep talks and wine nights.


But actions,

As always,

Speaks louder than words.


So how do you show others that you love them?

You prove it through action.


You give people you love time,

Quality time,

Time to heal,

Time when they need it.

Do you give yourself time when you need it?

Do you give yourself time after a hard day,

Or a heartbreak?



You give space to people you love when they ask for it.

Do you give yourself space when you need it?

A morning walk by yourself,

Or a 6 month walk about in Australia?

Do you give yourself space to breathe, to explore,

To realize what you truly want to fill that space?



Kindness and compassion,

You give these two important things to people you love.

You show them love,

with acts of kindness, with gestures of compassion.

Small gifts, doing the dishes, you listen to their concerns, you encourage them,

You accept them.

Do you show yourself kindness and compassion daily?

Do you listen to yourself, do you encourage yourself?

Are you kind to yourself?

Mentally, physically and socially?

Do you feed yourself quality food,

Or give yourself time to workout?


These things that we give so freely to others,

Need to be given to ourselves, as well.


When we love others,

We let go of their past and love them in their present.


So stop being so tough on yourself.

Stop picking apart your past mistakes,

or the people you date.

Stop looking at yourself in the mirror and only seeing the flaws.

Stop wanting to be better,

and start being better.


Do the things that soothe your soul.

& Become your own best friend..


Find out more about what makes your world seem a little brighter.



So maybe its going to bed at 8pm,

Or dropping a friendship that isn’t healthy.

Maybe it’s starting a blog,

Or taking up a new hobby.

Maybe it binge watching your favorite show,

Or baking 3 trays of cupcakes.


But whatever it is,

Invest in yourself,

The same way you would invest in someone you love.


And just for the record,

There is no shortcut,

It takes time,

just like any relationship does.


But my goodness,

When you finally feel it.

{self} Love,

Is what this life is all about.



Choose it.


Be so full, that even if they take & take

& take,

you can still overflow…


As if today was any different-

Choose you,

Choose Love,




“Someone who wants the best for you,

Is someone who is the best for you.

Make that someone you.”





  • Kathy
    Posted at 01:43h, 21 August Reply

    Love this! I’ve had to re-learn to love myself and my life. It’s not easy❤️❤️❤️

    • admin
      Posted at 00:33h, 08 October Reply

      Love isn’t easy on any level.
      but its totally worth it. especially when you get to see the process that has happened.
      you are so wonderfully made sweet lady!
      I hope you know you are easily loved as well.

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