Forever in debt to you…


She would’ve been 32. Probably would’ve made us go to some farm to table restaurant where she would’ve ordered something fresh, green and healthy, but then finished it off with a piece of triple chocolate cake. That was always her favorite, it was also mine, not to eat, but to watch her eat. Because it never failed, she would ALWAYS end up with this perfect lip liner made of chocolate.

She would’ve loved turning 32, you know, that’s our family number. Definitely would’ve bought her some big gold 32 balloons and made her take pictures with them, then I know I would’ve instagrammed them with some mushy gushy but also semi ridiculously funny caption talking about how she deserves the world, but also remind her about her nickname Tagsmanian Devil, because one day she decided to literally rip off one of her skin tags on her neck in my car and the only thing that would stop the bleeding was a dirty sock. Haha

She was something else, honestly. Something so rare. You know, one of those people that you know is meant to change the world. One of those humans that could get along with anyone, she could talk to a wall and make it miss her when she left.

She was hilarious, and not the funny that makes you kind of laugh, no, she would make you belly laugh for hours with just one look. She would do this thing where she would put the tip of her tongue on her upper teeth and then throw up the peace signs. It was the ugliest thing, but she sure did it alllll the time.

She loved hard, and I mean HARD, even when you didn’t deserve it. She protected the people in her life, she covered them in unlimited love and created friendships that were built on the smallest conversations.

She was passionate.

She was everything I still try to be, but fail at every day.



This event has created a movement in my life that I wont ever be able to put into words, but I am going to try for you.

Let me start of with saying something that I won’t ever stop saying and that is Thank you.

Thank you so much from the top, the bottom and my whole entire heart.

I wish there were words to truly express the gratitude I have for every single human that has made this event what it is. Every year you have continued to allow this workout to grow beyond my expectations.

The selflessness of everyone who contributed, in even the smallest bit, is incredible and so unbelievably humbling.

Thank you all for such an incredible gift of being able to share, love, and celebrate my sisters life in such a grand and unspeakable way.

I will forever be in debt to you.




With this being the 3rd year, my hopes were to grow this event just a little more,

to touch a few more lives then we did last 2 years.

And man, did we.

No, no, no…

It wasn’t me,


We had 71 people do the “Erin” WOD at Desert Devil CrossFit.




We had 13 kiddos do the “Mini Erin” WOD.




We had 65 people purchase Lifting Wright shirts from towns across New Mexico, Texas, Minnesota, Arizona, Tennessee, California and Colorado.




We had gyms in Arizona and Minnesota have their programming for the day be the “Erin” WOD.

We had about 100 hundred more people come to Ice Box Brewery to drink for a cause.

In total, ah, and I am so thankful to be able to say this,

we will be donating $2,057.00 to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Erin Elizabeth Turner’s name.


Just WOW.

My heart couldn’t feel any more full.

This journey has been long, but my family and I could not have imagined that we would receive this much love along the way.


It occurred to me this year, that the longer we get from the day Erin passed away, the more people that I come in contact with that don’t know her.

At first, this made me very uncomfortable, like the world was moving so fast, that life was passing by and that Erin and her life was being forgotten.

It broke my heart that potentially people would never have the chance to know how prevalent her existence was.

And while that may be true, I will forever do what i have to make her spirit and mission of sun safety continue on.

And holy shit guys, excuse my language, but i have to say that the amount of people this year that came and supported this event without ever even knowing her, was unbelievably moving.


If there is anything I can try and say is I just hope you walked away from the event or this blog post feeling something…

I hope that you felt her spirit.

I hope you felt her love.

I hope you understand how fast life goes and how precious the quality of life you live is.

I hope you protect your skin and take care of yourself the best you can.

I hope you love on the people that deserve it, but also love on those who don’t.

You’ll never regret giving love.

I hope you know how sincerely grateful I am,

How passionate I am to create a life that is bigger than me.

I hope you know that my heart will stay broken, but it is continuously being filled with the love I’ve receive and it is the motivation I continue to posses to live the life that my mom and sister would be proud of.

I hope you know that without you, this event wouldn’t be possible.

So I really, really hope you know how truly thankful I am.

I will forever be in debt to you.


Last but not least,

I hope you choose love,

choose it when it’s easy and life feels good.

choose it when it’s difficult and you don’t know what else to do.

Choose it over and over.

Forever and ever.


Till you can’t any more,

Choose love,






Watch the video that was played at the event below.

Thank you to Ben Curry for all of the photos.

Thank you to Julie and Jeremy for making this events home your home, for creating a space for my family to become yours and for others to feel welcome and safe.

Thank you to Ice Box Brewery crew, for donating your time, the space and  a percentage of the beer sales that day, the amount of support and love that has come from our brewery family through this new endeavor that my dad created has been amazing.

Thank you to my family, my people, my tribe. Dad, Morgen, Shelby, Cooper, Sean, Jeff, Cindy and Dakotah.

If there is one thing i know it’s that life is nothing like i expected it to be. Not in the poor me, life sucks kind of way. It’s just nothing like i once believed it would be. There are things that have been sad and extremely heartbreaking, those things that will haunt me for the rest of my existence. There are people i want back and things i wish i could again.

But there have also been really great things, better life lessons and experiences, that have been better than i could’ve ever imagined.

I have a family that truly loves and cares about each other. A family that makes each persona a priority, every birthday, anniversary a celebration. Through all the bumps, the hurt, the cracks in the foundation we have always made it through with grace.

Life hasn’t been what i expected but it sure doesn’t suck with you guys by my side. Thank you for every little thing.

  • Ouida
    Posted at 10:43h, 30 July Reply

    She was a beautiful woman! No one who met her will ever forget her.

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