An unmade bed…

Once she realized her own faults,

Like leaving the cabinet doors wide open,

And not making it to the closet before her shoes flew off her feet.

She realized that she didn’t need to be perfect…

That those little things that aren’t ideal,

Like starting to tell a story and then forgetting it half way through,

Are okay.

So maybe her hair clogs up the drain every few months,

And Monday mornings when she’s running late she spits the toothpaste into the sink and leaves some marks.

Maybe those are the quirks, the little things,

that make her,


And maybe those things she does,

Like stopping,

way too often,

to take wayyyyyy

too many pictures,






And her uncanny ability to ask FAR too many questions,

That don’t possibly need answers.

Are the sole things that make her world a little more appealing.

And once she realized that she didn’t need to change herself,

That not pairing her socks in the sock drawer wasn’t a sin,

And that coffee in bed wasn’t too much to ask for,

She became far more intriguing.


Because a woman who knows her worth,

is worth more,

Than a perfectly made bed.


“you don’t have to move mountains,

Simply fall in love with life.

Be a tornado of happiness,

Gratitude and acceptance.

You will change the world by being a kind, warm hearted, human being.”

Be beautiful,

not in the sense of having the prettiest face.

But because even though chaos stirs around you,

you choose to see love in everything you do.

Be messy,

but for all the right reasons,

Choose to love others as they are,



Choose love-


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