A heart like hers…


You should’ve seen her eyes light up,

her cheeks begin to raise.

I wish you could’ve felt the feeling of standing in front of this brave little girl-

Who finally found out her wish was coming true.


I remember the first time I met Kayla.

This 5-year-old warrior.

She stole my heart with her smile,

and the way she so easily welcomed us into her home.

Complete strangers, but her ability to make you fall in love with her seemed easy.

She was shy at first, not completely sure of me.

Her mom, Ashley, suggested she show us her “Wish Book”

a few pages of white paper stapled together, filled with princesses and crayon scribbles.

The end said, “My wish is to meet all the princesses.”

Her wish was to travel to Disneyworld.

I flipped through the pages, read them out loud to her.

She slowly moved closer, she slowly started to tell me more.


As always, Dana, my Make A Wish partner in crime, stayed inside with the parents, talking insurance, health and other “Adult-like” things, BOOORING

while I got to go outside with the kids.

Kayla and her two brothers, Ethan, 13 and Carter, 1 stormed out of the house to show me their basketball hoop.

For an hour and a half I played outside with 3 kids i just met,

but these 3 kids were stronger and braver then most adults, ive ever met.

Kayla talked to me about school, about soccer, about her stuffed kitty that gives birth to 3 little kittens (weird, but i went along)

My job, when i hang out with the kids, is to make sure that this is Kaylas wish, to get details about what she has always dreamed of and to separate her ideas from being mixed with the parents.

But she was set,

she knew she wanted to go to DisneyWorld, there was not a question about.

Her favorite princess was Belle and Ariel.

(i mean who isn’t a fan of redheads?)

She could hardly talk about them without pure joy exploding from her face.

Her one and ONLY, and i say only because she was really adamant about it was that Carter HAD to have a stroller.

I told her that would definitely be arranged.

There was this conversation i had with her,

i asked, “have any of your friends been to Disneyworld?”

“yes,” she replied. “My friend went last year, but i dont think you were her wish granter.”

I said, “No, I don’t think i was either,” thinking that maybe she meant she had a friend in the hospital. “Was your friend sick too.”

“No, she’s my friend from school.” Kayla said.

It hit me, she didn’t really understand.

She thought everyone had “Wish-Granters.” Just special people who come to little kids houses that granted wishes.

It wasnt about her being sick, or having a life threatening illness, it was about her wishing, and it coming true.

How wonderful is that?

As we said bye to Kayla and her family, we walked out the door, as we closed the screen door i could hear Kayla tell her mom,

“Oh my gosh, i cannot believe we just met my wish granters.”


The process of granting a wish can be lengthy, but this one only took a couple of months.

Dana arranged the surprise with NMSU Athletics.

We would surprise Kayla and her family at the NMSU Men’s basketball game.

The details were put in place and things fell together perfectly.

That evening, Kayla and her family arrived at the game, thinking that they were being awarded for a completely different reason.

Dana and I hid for the first quarter,

then met with the cos play princesses in the tunnel to get ready to walk out on the court for the big surprise.


The amount of work that NMSU put into this moment was amazing.

They called the family out, faked this presentation and then over the speakers announced that Kayla’s wish was being granted,


You should’ve seen her eyes light up,

her cheeks begin to raise.

I wish you could’ve felt the feeling of standing in front of this brave little girl-

Who finally found out her wish was coming true.


We followed the princesses onto the court,

Then i  had the opportunity to place a perfect little crown on her nervous little head.


She was so overwhelmed she didn’t know what to do.

Her dreams were coming true.


These moments are so special,

these are the moments that she will be talking about for the rest of her life.


I can’t imagine a life like Kayla’s, where you are 5 and have to be a warrior.

These moments bring me back down to earth, bring my life to a stop and make me even more thankful for this life.


If there isn’t something making my heart-stir and my soul light up, I’m not living my best life.



I am learning everyday what it is to love whole heartily,

What it’s like to give more than you take.

I’m practicing self-love all while trying to give love.

I am learning everyday what life is truly about and how every moment amounts to something.

I am making myself be better, not because it’s something i should do, but because it’s something that i need to do.

I’ve learned that happiness looks different on everyone,

but that being happy is everyone’s end goal.


“Brave girl, remember that you are you, and that is a superpower in itself.”

I am so thankful,

so humbled,

so unbelievably at peace-

Thank you for letting me be apart of something so inspiring-

Today, yesterday & even tomorrow,

Choose love,


Choose love,



read more about Kaylas wish…



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  • Jessica Mora
    Posted at 19:05h, 01 February Reply

    This is such a beautiful story Kels!! Thank you so much for sharing!
    Continue doing great things!

  • Katattack
    Posted at 19:07h, 01 February Reply

    I love you so much. Inspiration is everything to me right now. Thank you for being you! Thank you! When I am better can I help you inspire to! ❤️🎈

  • Kathryn Fratzola
    Posted at 05:42h, 02 February Reply

    The.Makis are such an amazing family and Kayla is the sweetest bravest most inspiring little girl I know! So glad you guys were able to do this for her! ❤️❤️

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