5 things I realized were okay after life didn’t go my way…

So you made a great life plan and watched it go up in flames?

Yeah, me too.

But throughout the trials and tribulations there’s been plenty of days of inspiration…

And a shit ton of realizations…


Here’s 5 things I realized were okay after life didn’t go my way…


  1. It’s okay to grieve the life plan that fell apart. Plans that you had once dreamed of and put so much effort into will always hold a piece of your heart, it’s okay to feel sad about them not working out, grieving isn’t reserved for just people. You can mourn the loss of a job, house, friendship or place that will never be the same.


Before a new life-plan can take root, the old one has to be properly mourned and laid to rest. Give yourself (and others) permission to grieve.


  1. It’s okay to dream again. To believe in love and life and that happily ever after. It’s okay to tell yourself you’re not damaged or broken just because someone didn’t see your value. It’s also VERY okay to not settle just because you are lonely.


Dream of the house you want, and the career that would mend your heart. Dreams can only be accomplished if you set them.


  1. It is okay to be alone. Because being alone does not make you lonely. It actually makes you the opposite. Being comfortable with yourself, by yourself is something that some people will never know. Remember that you are choosing your solitude and that is a powerful thing.


  1. It’s okay to celebrate discomfort. Trial produces strength and some of the best blessings come from hard lessons. You never really know how strong you are until those lessons are in motion. You get to see this outcome and how the things you have now, would’ve never been, if everything would have worked out how you thought.


Then one day you look back and you see the progress and the determination you had, that against all odds and everyone’s judgement you rose from the flames and became something, you never would’ve expected.


  1. It’s okay to be lost. Let me say that again, it is OKAY to not know what you are doing. And I mean that in the most honest way possible, on a big and little spectrum. If it’s your career or your schooling, or if it’s who you want to date or if you even want to date. Being lost with your spiritual life, or which necklace goes better with what shoes. Not knowing is normal, and it’s all a part of the journey of finding the things that bring you joy and lite that fire in your soul.

So be lost, and stay lost. I promise someone or something will come and find you and it will all make sense.


In some ways, I have been hit pretty hard in life, but every day I wake up and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to make my could’ve beens look like rocks in a diamond filled dream.




“Find the joy in the dead center of the chaos.”



Be brave.

Be honest.

Be truthful.

Be open.

Be kind.


Believe that the universe and the Lord will give you what you need, not what you think you need.


Continue to learn, to grow and to spread joy.


And if there is anything Ive learned to do when things don’t go my way,

It’s to always,

Even when you don’t understand

Or can’t feel it.


Choose Love,




“What I thought would be the death of me ended up being my saving grace.”

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