Waterfalls and hair flips…

I don’t know about y’all but I have this weird fascination with pictures and capturing a moment, picture perfectly.  And by picture perfect I mean like all the emotions and happiness in it.  Like I could honestly scroll through Instagram or Facebook and look at pictures of really anything all day. I say anything, because my search starts off on “koala bears” and I end up on a picture 30 minutes later of a girl doing a hair flip in front of a waterfall. Then I’m like uhhhh I want a koala bear and I want to do a hairflip in front of a waterfall. Dream big guys.

I also want to note that by no means am I a professional adventure photographer or model (even though it seems like it) I just have a GoPro, a cell phone and a magical way of asking strangers to take my pictures.  Usually they turn out horrible and I just nod and say “ohhh thank you.” But then other times… Dreams come true.

After my Great Barrier Reef adventure, I stayed two more days in Cairns. The first day I just went into town and looked around and released a beautiful $14.00 balloon up to my mom. Price didn’t matter obviously but shiiiiiit that balloon was expensive.

The following day I booked a well known and highly recommended tour called Uncle Brian’s. I got picked up before 8am and was off for some good old fashion fun through the Atherton Tablelands and waterfalls! We started by driving an hour to the Babinda Boulders. It was a beautiful lagoon where we had the chance to jump off the boulders.

Then we headed to Josephine Falls where we were got to have more fun by sliding down through slippery rocks through a natural rock slide. I’ve got to say that I did get a little wild and threw my hands in the air and then semi freaked out and then smashed myself up against the rocks and got a minor boo boo. But I probably laughed for 10 min straight. It was so beautiful and so much fun!

We received a wonderful lunch and the continued the fun with Milla Milla waterfall. Oooooohhhhh my gosh. This is what I’ve been wanting. I just wanted to see a waterfall and swim through it. And of course do a hairflip. Soooooo…. That’s what I did.

It was my favorite thing! Dream big. Because my picture became a reality and I am just one happy girl.

After this unforgettable moment we went platypus watching, which was highly uneventful. (I’m just being honest)

The next day I jumped on a bus and was off to Townsville which is North Queenslands Capital City. From there I hopped on a Ferry and scooted across to Magnetic Island.  I am going to use some profanity because I have no other words to describe how fucking hot and humid it was. It was what I would imagine Hell feeling like. I have never sweated so much without doing anything except for breathing. It was unreal how much sweat poured out of my body. I was mad. For the first time I was mad at where I was at. Haha the hostel,I stayed at was a koala sanctuary. So with that being said it was very ruggid. My bungalow that I slept in had a ceiling fan and that’s it. Wow. It was the “not so perfect picture” experience of traveling. At night there were ants and bugs in my sheets and I am now covered in an equal amount of freckles and bugbites, which is impressive, but not fun.

Ok enough complaining. The next morning I got up and went on a hike on the Magnetic Island National Park on the Forts Walk. It leads up to the WWll fortifications and infrastructures. From the top you could see the island and so much ocean.

I then went on a tour of the Sanctuary that I was staying at. I love animals. I don’t want to own any animals. But I love to hold them and look at them and then give them back to someone else that takes care of them…

So obviously I was excited to see more koalas! We started off with a bang though, jumped right into the water with an Australian crocodile.

Just kidding,  it was a baby and it was the most action I’ve gotten in a while, so I liked it.

Then a freshwater turtle!

I got to feed this bird a seed with my mouth. I would tell you what kind of bird it is, but honestly I stopped listening when I heard I could feed it like this so romantically.

Then of course it was more koala snuggles and selfies. How sweet is she?!

I never thought of myself as a snake kind of woman but now I know why Britney Spears felt like such a bad ass when she performed with one.

I had such a nice day getting out of my comfort zone and interacting with the animals and people of Magnetic Island. I finished the day off with a walk on the beach. And then the next day I was off to the Ferry and back to Townsville to catch a bus to a small town called Ayr.

Nobody knows what Ayr is, honestly I didn’t and I still don’t. But since I am a certified diver I was recommended to go there and dive a World Famous shipwreck called the SS Yongala. I, like most things now, said yes! I arrived and got off the bus with two girls from Chile. We were all set up to dive tomorrow, we decided to all go in together and cook dinner together. They were so sweet and we ended up cooking up some mean tacos.

It’s been hard to cook here, I actually enjoy cooking. I was domesticated for a few years there working on my house wife skills and started getting good at it. But it’s pretty difficult to cook, grocery shop for one person all while traveling and having to use a community kitchen. Where it’s common to have to rent your utensils, pots, pans and bowls.

So this was fun for me! Haha

The SS Yongala was a steamboat that sunk in a cyclone over 100 years ago. It is still a mystery on what exactly happened. All 122 passengers were lost at sea and it was undercovered for almost 50 years.
Because it sank in the middle of the ocean it is home to mega marine wildlife. It is a home for so many fish!

When we got out to the site and dove in, there were loads of turtles and jelly fish at the surface. As we descended down you were met with a dark wall, this wall actually turned out to be small fish and as you moved towards them they would scatter, then come together again behind you. The ship lays on its side and you are not allowed to enter it. It wasn’t until the second dive that I actually saw the details of the ship and how much marine life was there.

We saw giant gropers, marble rays, eagle rays, sea snakes, and so much more! It was such an interesting and fun dive!

I stayed the night and watched the SuperBowl on my Monday in a small hotel bar with no sound and jazz music on. They didn’t care at all about it. Haha

I hopped on a bus and was off to Airlie Beach where I am now. This place is beautiful, extremely tropical and relaxing.

I ran into my friends from chile as well. So we had dinner and the next morning I went on a bushwalk/hike with one of them. It was a 3 hour hike round trip. Uphill and muddy because of the rainy season I’m in. But the view from the top was absolutely stunning.

You could see right out onto the beautiful blue ocean and it was just outstanding.

My next adventure is the one I think I’ve been most excited about since before I left. I leave tomorrow and I just cannot wait to experience the beauty.

I would tell you, but then what fun would that be?! ?

oh and there’s something I’ve been itching to spill the beans about!

I am so excited to announce that I will be an auntie to what I know will be a precious baby boy in June! This is a picture perfect moment and I am so excited for Jeff, Morgen and Shelby.

I’m also excited for my dad cause wow, he had his hands full with 3 girls.

Congrats sister, I can’t wait to see you and baby Monte Carlos in June.

(Not his name, yet, but it goes with the car theme names)

“Like a wildflower she spent her days allowing herself to grow, not many knew of her struggle, but eventually all, knew of her light.”

Choose love,


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