The attitude is gratitude..

With my last adventure complete, I have had a few days to reflect on these past 4 months.

Leaving the comfort of home and the support of my friends and family was hard. But I soon realized that I didn’t really leave them, they are with me all the time. The words of encouragement and the silent prayers that fill my timeline, inbox and whatsapp messages, have been noticed. 

I cannot imagine a better support system than mine. So thank you to everyone who has sent me some words of wisdoms and love. The littlest messages mean the most and its those that remind me that I am where I am supposed to be in my life. 

With that being said I compiled a few of the messages that I’ve received, that way in years to come when I read through this silly blog of mine, or let my niece and nephew see what a cool aunt I am, I’ll be reminded of how lucky I was in this moment. 
Hey Kelsey! I’m not sure if you remember me from high school, and I don’t want this to sound weird but you are amazing! You are so strong and independent and always know how to laugh and have fun even in dark times. I really hope one day I get to do something as cool as what are you! It’s really cool to read about all your adventure and see little bits of all you get to do! Very inspirational! Have fun!!
Hey Kelsey,

I am very proud or amazed by your trip. What a baller you are. I love reading your blogs; great quotes too. I put one on my fb the other day…. Just know that you may make some people reconsider their lives and such. I went through some stuff these past few years (definitely what you have!!) and definitely thinking about a big travel for a while… hopefully find myself again! Kick ass and take names and enjoy it!!!
Hey Kelsey! I know this is super random, but I wanted to shoot you a message and say thanks for writing your blog and showing a bit of vulnerability and letting people know about your life and your decisions that you’re making. I’m super excited to see what happens next in your life, and if you’re down there for awhile, then I hope I can come and visit at some point! ?

Hi love ? been reading your blogs and you keep making me cry lol. I love you friend and if I do see you when we are home for Christmas then I really hope you have an awesome adventure ? you deserve it more than anyone I know!! You are going to have so much fun and see some pretty cool shit ?? have fun my beautiful friend we love you very much!!
Oh my goodness my girl. I have been crying from reading your recent blog post and I felt compelled to write you. I know we haven’t ever been super close best friends or anything but I want you to know that you truly are an inspiration and I am glad to have gotten to know you the little bit that I have. I cannot imagine losing my mom and on top of that I truly wouldn’t make it losing one of my sisters as well. You are so strong and truly a blessing. Seeing you thrive through the troubles in your life has been inspiring. Even though we didn’t compete together, I am so happy that the WT athletics family brought us to at least be acquaintances. I am so happy that you are going on this trip to Australia and I hope that while you are there that God brings exactly what you are needing to find. I wish you the best and cannot wait to see what happens for you. I will be patiently waiting and stalking your blog often.
Every time I read your blogs I just want to tell you that you exude so much love and happiness in each post. I wish you the very best Kelsey, you are an inspiration.

This was beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing. It was something that touched me personally and I appreciate reading your adventures.
So beautifully written. My absolute favorite blog. Keep crushing it, Kels!

You keep on lady! Loving your blog and the things you are learning on this journey. I am sure today is so tough, but know your 2 beautiful angels are smiling down on you and loving every minute of your journey!
Kelsey! I’ve been following your blog religiously and I want you to know how much it fills my heart to read about your adventures. I’m living in Colombia right now, traveling and seeing cool things and I find myself reading your blog and saying “I’m so jealous I wish I could do that!” Forgetting that I am, haha.I’ve experienced so much of what you are writing about, you really have a way of relaying it that is so beautiful. I remember your sweet mom from soccer days and I’m sure she is absolutely bursting watching you live your life this way. All my love kels! Miss you!

This may be my favorite so far! You’re one amazing person my friend! So happy you continue to choose love & choose to be you! ? love love!

Really enjoying living vicariously through you. So happy for you, you deserve every minute! Choose you every time!
I’m so glad you love you and that you’ll always like being you. Now you know how we feel about you. Your pretty amazing. Love you kid.

I am so impressed how you see and live life. You are always right in my heart. Always be you – you are unbelievable awsome :-*

Best quote ever-I’m fully capable of smiling without anyone next to me. You ARE you, and that’s a great thing to be! Great post! I love the pics!

Your whimsical spirit, through your blog, lightens my day. Thank you for sharing your journey, your story, and your loving messages. Enjoy your time…you are gaining so much in your journey and I’m sure I’m not alone in wishing you the very best this time has to offer. You’ve grown into a confident, beautiful young woman and you are making everyone who knows you have faith, once again. Thank you for sharing your soul. You are (and continue to) accomplishing a gift of life that so many wish they’d been brave enough to embrace!!

Love this post…. brought tears to my eyes. Glad you are having such an amazing time – your mama was amazing and would be smiling ear-to-ear and cheering you on with this incredible adventure

I really enjoyed your post today, and I know how you’re feeling on a day where words and feeling spectrums don’t exist. But from what you’ve told me about your beautiful mother she would be so happy with what you’re doing today/this morning. I know your hurting and it’s hard but just know your mother and sister are smiling down at you. They are in every beautiful sea turtle, fish, sea cucumber, koala bear and kangaroo you see. They are the sunshine on your face first thing in the morning and the cool breeze on your back when your heading to bed. Keep choosing love, keep exploring, keep making yourself uncomfortable, and never ever doubt yourself. Today’s a hard day, but it’s only really hard if you don’t notice your mother right in front of your face in all the beautiful things in this world.

As I read through these again, I just can’t believe how fortunate I am to have people like this in my life. 

And here’s some Kelsey insight:

When I planned this trip, I had no idea what to expect. All I knew was that I needed something. I needed a life changing event to blur the other life changing event that I was having to deal with. I was nervous, excited, heartbroken but most importantly compelled to make my days better than they have ever been. 

But these months that I’ve spent traveling have been so much more than just days. They have been some of the best moments of my life. 

Moments of despair and courage. 

Moments of strength and enlightenment. 

Moments of adventure and laughter.

Moments of falling in love with my life and the woman I am becoming.

I will never look back and regret this and that’s something to be proud of.

So if there has ever been a hint of question wether or not you should travel. I’ll tell you to stop. Stop telling yourself you shouldn’t do it. You should.. 

You should travel alone. You should travel with your parents, you should travel with your best friend. You should travel with your partner.

 You should cry in airports and laugh over Skype.

You should do things that you’re scared of and meet people that you’ll never see again.

This year will be a year of doing things that make my soul happy. 

And you should take moments to do the same.

So thank you for reading my mess of words thrown into a blog.

 Thank you for following my adventure.

Thank you for loving and inspiring me

Thank you again, for everything. 

“Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay, the journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.”

As always…

Choose love,


  • Laura Szalay
    Posted at 11:23h, 27 April Reply

    Yay for you lady! Just like diamonds can\’t always been seen in the rocks, true inner strength and enlightenment isn\’t always obvious. You great adventure has brought out your shine and I am so thankful you have had this opportunity and had such an amazing journey! Way to go and safe travels home!

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