Sunset sails… And broken toes…

With Valentine’s Day in the rear view and an overwhelming amount of cute pictures posted on social media, my head just can’t stop spinning about the word love and what it means (to me.)  These few days were filled with so much love, and I honestly liked it. It’s so nice to see people post and talk about people and things they love or care greatly about. It’s a nice change from the complaining or weird relationship baby mama drama you see frequently.

Over the years I can definitely say that my definition of love has changed. I grew up with so much love in my family and it was normal. You said you loved each other and you meant it. My mom and dad never fought in front of us and there was a sense of calmness they portrayed, that being in love is easy. And that’s the way it should be.

I love my parents, I love my sisters. I would do anything for them because that’s what we were taught. Family was forever. That’s a love that will never change for me. But it has grown immensely these past 5 years.

To know that love, itself, can’t save someone, is a hard reality. I’ve witnessed and felt what a husband and wife’s love can build. How my sisters have fallen in love with their husbands and how myself and family has welcomed these men in and loved them like they’ve always been ours.

Then to see two husbands watch their one true love grow sick and as a man not be able to save them. That’s a hard love. But it’s the only thing we’ve got.

How you fall in love for the first time and think “my god, this is it.” Then to have it fall apart with nothing to hold onto but memories, which seem like a whole different life completely.

To watch those two men, who lost their true loves, come back and let their hearts be open to something new and possibly a new love, is something so special.

Love is an experience. it should be something everyone deserves, even when you least deserve it.

Even if you are hard to love.

It makes me sad to see men and women grow cold and angry at the thought of love just because of a bad relationship. For me, I can’t wait to fall in love again, to get married, to have babies. (Well I can wait a year, at least, I have things to do in Australia)

so while a lot of people were out on perfect little dates, or even throwing anti Valentine’s Day parties I was falling in love with my life. And I am so thankful that through my struggles I have never given up on falling in love with little moments I am given.

On Friday, I jumped on a beautiful sail boat named Kiana with 13 other people. It was a smaller boat, 3 day 2 night, and was set to go to the outter reef for a complimentary dive and snorkel. When I arrived I realized that because I booked a smaller and specifically not a “backpacker” boat I was officially on couples boat!

Everyone was extremely nice, and we all started chatting right away. There was a gay couple, an engaged couple, a recently married Chinese couple, a couple who was basically married from Scottland, a best friend couple, a brother/sister couple, and then me and a 21 year old boy. (No, we didn’t make a couple)

We started our journey with some morning tea and cake, this is really common here. I’ve never had so much tea and cookies, cake and random sweets in the morning and evening as I have here. It’s fun for my tastebuds not so much for my waistline. But when in Rome right?! Then we got assigned our beds. This was by far the most interesting living situation I’ve seen. I got a single bed in the back of the boat that sat diagonally over the couple who was basically a married couple, which mirrored the exact same setup, maybe 3 feet away on the other side. The only way I could get to my bed was to step on the double bed under me. The faces of the Scottish couple who was under me was priceless. I’m used to weird sleeping arrangements but they were not. On the other side was the Chinese couple and the 21 year old boy. I just laughed. There was nothing else to do, but laugh.

I quickly informed the Scottish couple that I pee 3 times a night and that I was already sorry. Luckily, the woman’s eyes lit up and said “me too” so they not-husband started laughing and just said he wasn’t even going to bother sleeping. We ended up talking and laughing and we bonded over night peeing.

We started sailing and then stopped for some lunch, thank goodness cause we had some sickies that weren’t happy. We were supposed to head out to the outter reef but we are in the rainy season of summer here and there are Cyclones moving through the water. So we ended up just staying around the whitsunday islands. The whitsundays are made up of 74 islands, these were named when Captain Cook sailed through in 1770.

Our first stop was Whitehaven Beach, this place is stunning. The sand is 98% pure silica, which makes its color bright white. The water is crystal clear!

Unfortunately, the beaches are filled with jellyfish so you can’t enter the water with out a stinger suit on, which really cramped my style.

But the views were just jaw dropping. It looked like a postcard.

** if you want this as a postcard just let me know.

We walked up to the view point and had the chance to see it from above which was just magical.

We sailed a little ways and stopped in a nice cove for the night. We had a fantastic smoked lamb dinner and had the chance to sit and get to know each other.

The next morning breakfast was on the table at 7:30am and all the certified divers got to go on our dive at 8:30. The water visibility wasn’t very good due to the weather, but it was still a great dive.

After the discovery divers got their dive in and some good snorkeling we had lunch and we’re off sailing again. In between lunch and dinner I managed to make myself proud by slipping in the tiny bathroom/shower that was wet and sliding full force pointer toe to wall. As I straightened my toe and got up I knew I done fucked up.

I spent the afternoon icing and elevating. Nothing like being that girl on the boat. As I hobbled around all of the adults were so sweet. (Not that I’m not an adult but when your around real adults it doesn’t feel like it) they offered me meds and tape and most importantly beer. So I medicated with Advil and beer for the rest of the night.

The next morning we had the chance to dive again.  My foot wasn’t fitting in a fin so I had to sit it out. I couldn’t even snorkel. Hahaha so while everyone else frolicked in the water, I sat on the boat with the skipper and hostess.

We talked life and he said something that I don’t think I’ll ever forget. He said, “you’re really easy to talk with, some people just aren’t comfortable to just sit and talk. You have an old soul with a young heart.”

That’s something at I’ve noticed as well, the Kelsey I was a few years ago was impatient and eager. It was go and don’t listen. Conversations were boring, all I did was talk, listening wasn’t a good trait of mine. This trip is about learning and with every person I meet I’m more interested in their life than telling them about mine. You’ll never learn more in life than when you just sit and listen.

I enjoyed my broken toe sunset and boat ride on that last day.

By the end of the trip everyone on the boat was hugging and laughing. The views and people I was surrounded with those 3 days were pure perfection. I will never get used to this life and I hope and pray I never stop loving it.

Happy Anniversary to my mom and dad

Happy anniversary to Sean and Erin

These love stories are my favorite. An inspiration and what my meaning and expectation of love is.


“Until you get comfortable with spending time alone, you’ll never know if you’re choosing someone out of love or loneliness”

Join me on my journey,

Choose love,


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  • Ouida Aday
    Posted at 13:58h, 16 February Reply

    I love love, and even the worst that happens doesn\’t shadow the best! I know-I\’ve lost loved ones too soon-my mom, two brothers-but I\’m thankful to God that I got to love and be loved by them. It\’s empowering to know you can experience what you\’ve gone through and still not fear opening your heart. So sorry about that toe-I hope ice and Advil and beer worked, and you will soon be wearing fins! What exciting news for Morgen! Boys are fun! Love wins!

    • Vicky Doak
      Posted at 18:31h, 16 February Reply

      Your whimsical spirit, through your blog, lightens my day. Thank you for sharing your journey, your story, and your loving messages. Enjoy your time…you are gaining so much in your journey and I\’m sure I\’m not alone in wishing you the very best this time has to offer. You\’ve grown into a confident, beautiful young woman and you are making everyone who knows you have faith, once again. Thank you for sharing your soul. You are (and continue to) accomplishing a gift of life that so many wish they\’d been brave enough to embrace!!

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