Sunday feels…

You know those moments when you can actually feel your own happiness.

The actual feeling.

Where your heart begins to swell up in your chest.

And your eyes radiate color and the steady smile on your face is not forced.

Where that genuine smile isn’t just on your face but its in your soul

and you can actually feel that.


This Sunday morning I woke up and like I do every single morning, I made my coffee and got back into bed to drink it.

For me, this is my time every morning to reflect, take in and fall in love with my life all over again.


Pretty much every Sunday since I’ve been home from Australia- I’ve gone hiking.

Its just what I do.

I wake up before the sun.

I wake up before half the town.

I drive into the mountains just north of town and get lost.

I get lost in my life.

I watch the sunrise

And then i get lost in how much I love watching the sunrise.

Every single time I watch the sun peek over the horizon, I think to myself how amazing it is.

How much beauty is in this one moment and how happy such a simple thing can make me.

Then I think about how it happens every single day. how redundant and monotonous it is. That its just another sunrise and that some people never see the it.

How life gets like that. That sometimes life steals your joy.

How joy gets lost in life

But ive got to admit…

Ive never been so lost,

And  found so much.

Ive found that this is my happy.

I get the opportunity to watch something I find so blissful- whenever I want.

I can take pictures of it everyday and never get tired of it.


Ive found that the sunrise reminds me of my own life.

Though that’s pretty cliché and not a surprising analogy, it makes sense to me.

That even the darkest nights end,

even the hardest times pass

and everyday I get the chance to wake up and be happy.

That I get to be my own sunrise everyday.

That in the small moments when most of the world is asleep I am watching another day begin, that I can feel my mom and sister in these instances.

And I can feel that pure happiness.

At that moment my heart is happy and that’s a feeling I don’t ever want to go away.


This Sunday morning brought happiness.

Just like every Sunday before it.

And every Sunday to follow.


So I hope I never get used to the sunrise.

That I never lose my blissful joy of mornings.

And ill never take for granted this mornings sunrise just because there will be another one tomorrow morning.

And that even a silly sunrise is still something to celebrate.


So my ultimate goal is to live my life to an optimum happiness that is only measured by me.

To not only be happy, but to feel happy.

And to always radiate it.



Happy Sunday lovelies- and don’t forget…


Be your own sunrise…

and if you can,

be someone else’s as well.


Choose love,


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