Staying left… Living wright…

Witty huh? I thought so.

I’m still funny, even on Australian ground

Before my celebrity blog post I left off while my dad and Cindy were still here! Oh my gosh I just can’t explain how fun it was to have them around. I enjoyed watching their faces when they saw something beautiful and just talking about the weather and basic things. I’m not going to lie, I love traveling alone. It’s been, and will continue to be amazing and life changing. But having company is nice, a fimiliar face and a smile in the morning is traditionally fun to wake up to. Having people that know you and don’t ask the same 10 questions. Every. Single. Day. Is nice too. Haha

Sharing experiences is one thing I miss now that they are gone. I have all these cool and out right amazing adventures but I have nobody to share it with. Nobody to say, “oh remember when we sky dived? Or dived the great barrier? Or didn’t put the car in park and left it over night to wake up to you thinking it was dead but in reality it was still in drive so it wouldn’t turnover?”

Yea it’s those moments that I laugh and wish someone was there to experience it with.

But I am fortunate and thankful that I had two great weeks with some pretty fun grown ups.

After leaving Lakes Entrance we drove south to Phillips Island on a mission to see some Australian animals before the trip was over!

We spent the day walking down the boardwalk with our eyes in awe of the Nobbies. The coastal views were amazing and it was the first real cold weather I have felt since being here. I was not a fan.

We also some bro things for my dad like visit the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit.

Then we headed down to the Penguin Parade. This is a conservation area where they have stadium seating and expensive ticket sales to watch hundreds of the tinniest Penguins in the world, waddle upon shore at sundown to find their burrows. The overall experience was ehhhh, the Penguins were cute and tiny and seeing them was definitely a show. But the way the whole thing is set up is ridiculous. You can barely see the Penguins because it so dark, then the thousands of spectators are standing up taking pictures and being loud that it was hard to really enjoy it.

You weren’t supposed to take pictures so I don’t have any. But Im Sure if you google it you can see all the rule breakers out there have some. Haha

We left early the next morning on the same mission. See koalas and kangaroos. That’s all Cindy wanted to do! So we arrived at a sanctuary and booked the first koala encounter. Thankfully my dad posted up against the gate and we beat all the school kids to be the first in line! We got to hug and love on Bluie for a few minuets.

We walked and hand fed kangaroos and wallabies and got to see lots of other animals. Our mission was complete and Cindy, I hope you sent that random lady’s pictures to her email. This is your reminder. Haha

We finished the day off by arriving in Melbourne! It was loud and busy and filled with too much. We stopped by, well mostly drove by all the sights that we were suppose to see. Then just sat and had some beers to end the night. Our last night together.

The next day we wasted some time by stopping in a local shopping center and I finally got a mani/pedi. Hallelujah! Then we headed to the airport. After a seriously sad goodbye they were off to Sydney then the states. And I decided I was off to Hobart Tasmania.

Tasmania is an island south of the mainland and accessed by ferry or flight. I honestly never really planned on coming down here but since it was such a short flight and I didn’t have any other plans I decided to do it. I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into but I knew that it would be fun. I booked a return flight back to Melbourne in 2 weeks thinking that I would want to spend more time there, but after visiting for that day I didn’t want to go back.

So I had 2 weeks in Tasmania and absolutely no plan! I took off on foot to see what I could find out.

I went on the coolest Ferry to the MONA, which is the Museum of Old and New Art, because that was on the list of top things to do when I asked around. The Ferry was amazing. Art on the walls a bar and restaurant, cow statues and sheep you could sit on. The museum, well that was something else. There was art on the wall but if you saw my snapchat it was pretty fishy….


If you didnt see it well then I’ll share the fun. There were clay plastered vaginas on the wall. Not like 4, there were hundreds, of vaginas, hanging side by side. It was art? I don’t know but there was penises and just weird things going on. I’m not much of an art gallery gal but this was just wild.

Then that night I decided to go on an evening walk to see some more of Hobart. I was in workout pants and a sweater and just had my phone and earphones in. As I walked I just got into my feelings a little bit. (I was jamming tswizzle, so that’s why) how much I missed home and my people. How much my life had changed in a short amount of time. How I didn’t know what I was doing or how I even got to this place.
Then I see a woman waving a paper, I took my ear phone out and she said “I have a free ticket to the show do you want it?” I look up and I’m outside of this huge tent with lights and signs. I told her I didn’t know who was playing or what was even going on and I don’t have anything on me. She said, “well I have a free ticket to the Black Sorrows!” I replied with,” I don’t know who that is.”

She said with shock on her face, “The Black Sorrows are an iconic Australian Band!!! The tickets are sold out and were going for $65! Just go inside”

I looked around and contemplated saying no and letting someone who knew what was happening take the ticket.

She said, “You’ll love it!”

So with that and the everlasting feeling of living wright, I walked into this tent and saw about a hundred well dressed, 50-70 year olds sitting quitely drinking wine. I found a seat closest to the exit (in case I needed to sneak out.)

Two older ladies sat next to me, they looked at me confused. I was in my workout gear and looked totally out of the norm. I smiled and asked if they were from here. This triggered a great conversation where they ended up buying me wine and doing some shoulder bumping dance moves with me throughout the night. I stayed the whole time and actually really enjoyed myself. I still don’t know who the Black Sorrows are but they were a good time and if you like Australian rock n roll, google them!

But that’s when it sank in, again, I am so fortunate. These moments are so powerful. To live in the right light, think in the right mindset and to just take everything you are given in gratitude is what I’ve learned to call “living wright.”

Throughout the days in Hobart I stopped people and asked what there was to do and the best way to see the whole island. Should I take a bus tour or should I rent a car? Everyone I asked said rent a car! I was a little hesitant since I haven’t driven since I left the US and I also have never drove on the other side of the street.

Watching my dads windshield wipers flash on and off for 2 weeks made me doubt my capabilities.

Buuuuuut… Like with all things I’ve done on this adventure I just said “why not!”

I booked a car and was off, with no plan. Haha I had a map and a ripped out page of a brochure of what the tour bus did on their tour and that was really about it.

After snap chatting for the Australians to get off the road I was cruising.

Stay left. Stay left. Stay left.

That was all I could think.

After feeling uneasy about the car not driving right I parked and had a minor freak out.

Side note: I opted out of insurance because well, I’m Kelsey and I do stupid things sometimes.

Sooooo… When I looked down and realized that the parking break was still on, I laughed and resumed my cruising. Yikes.

After about 10 more min and 3 roundabouts in I felt confident. I was driving on the other side of the road.

Where you pass on the right, and you stay to the left. I got this.

I drove two or so hours to a place called Bicheno on the east coast. I spent the rest of the day walking around the small town and taking in the coastal beauty.

The next day I went down south to Coles Bay and Freycinet National Park. Tasmania is a ruggid mountainous island filled with national parks and great views. Freycinet is known for the iconic Wine Glass Bay. After a trek to the lookout , which is one of Australia’s most photographed views, i took the walk to the beach. It was beautiful, white sand and blue waters and clean.


The following day I drove up north to St. Helens, Binalong Bay and the Bay of Fires. Again, it was an hour or so drive but the road was right on the coast. I stopped probably 5 or 6 times just to stare out the window. And to mourn the deaths of thousands of wallabies on the road. I swear those things were murderd everywhere.

When I arrived I was in awe. The water was postcard looking. The waves were gentle and easy. And the rocks were filled with beautiful colors. I walked around the white sand and started climbing the rocks. I spent a few hours just walking and exploring and getting lost.

The sand wasn’t even sand.

And I found the cutest little seashells.

It was absolutely stunning.

That night I returned to the hostel and met a girl who was from Oregon. We started chatting and connected on the fact that we were both from the States. (There’s not that many of us) She was outgoing and fun and was driving around Tassie just like me. We decided to get some dinner and get out of the hostel. Within like 20 min. I had found out that she had a boyfriend in Sydney who she’s been with for 8 months, but last week she went to visit their mutual friend who had originally gotten them together in some other part of Australia. And while she was there she did drugs and drank too much and had a threesome with her and some guy, therefore cheating on her boyfriend.

What. The. Fuck.

I had no clue what to say, because well, I don’t know how you say anything after a story like that. Anyways, I’m not sure why I just wrote that in my blog but there it is…

So I got outta there the next morning and headed to Launceston, the Capitol City. It’s a unique town, busy but beautiful. I spent most of my time there looking for a parking space. Just kidding …. Kinda.

Then Hiked a zig zag trail to The Cataract Gorge Reserve. There are hiking trails, a pool, a basin, the worlds longest single span chairlift, a suspension bridge and great scenery.


I enjoyed the afternoon just people watching and hanging out with myself.

The next day I took a scenic drive through Tamar Valley, which is popular for its wineries. (I wanted to stop but drinking and driving is frowned upon) I made it to Narawntapu National Park on the Nothern Coast of Tassie. I talked with the ranger and decided on a wildlife hike. As I walked through I was a little disappointed, it wasn’t too pretty and there were flies and bad smells.

But as I continued, through hundreds and I mean hundreds, of spider webs, holy smokes those things were everywhere, I made it to the top of a beautiful mountain. On the right, the ocean. On the left, green open fields. It was amazing! As I hiked down I was brought into the open field I just saw, where I wondered around wild wallabies and kangaroos. I chased them around and felt like I was a local Australian. Even Though I dont think locals chase them around.

On the way back to Launceston, I stopped at a strawberry field. I’ve never been to one, so I was eager to see what it was all about. I got a container and walked out to the field. The first one I picked I couldn’t help but to put it right into my mouth. Holy..shit. It was soooooooooo good. I just started going crazy! I didn’t care if I spent $50, I WAS IN HEAVEN!

After 30 minutes of choosing the best berries A girl could find, I went in and paid….. $7.50 for these beauties. I was just so happy!

Simple pleasures in life.

I would do that every day!

The next day I decided to go donate blood at the local Australian Red Cross. It’s kind of a weird thing to do, but I really wanted to do it. After all the blood transfusions Erin had to get its something special now. If I save one life, that’s all that matters.

Public service announcemnet: GO DONATE BLOOD
Then like they advise you not to do, I went on a brewery tour. Hahaha oops.

The James Boag Brewery was right down the street and I just couldn’t resist, so I had a nice afternoon of beer and cheese tasting. It was great!

Then ran into a night market because it was Easter weekend. Which is definitely not celebrated as heavily. None of holidays are over commercialized like back home. It’s actually really nice to not be forced to eat Cadbury eggs or yellow ugly Peeps.

I left Launceston and headed to Strahan which is a west coast town. It’s a small, like really small town. It’s tropical forests made fora rainy place. In between rain storms I managed to get In a fun waterfall hike though!

There wasn’t much to do because of the weather… so I got a haircut, which is not adventurous at all but literally that’s all I did, and went for a run. So sorry to disappoint.

Oh and I also left my car in drive, removed the key and in the morning couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t start. I asked some man if he could jump me as I was internally freaking out cause of my “no insurance” decision. But when he looked inside he said, “well Hun your car isn’t in park, so that’s why it won’t start.” As I put it in park and the engine revved right up, I told him that my car back home doesn’t let me remove my key without it being in park… So…. That’s… Yea…

I felt like a moron.

I left the next day to return to Hobart. I visited Mt. Wellington, 1,269ft above sea level. Where the clouds met the earth and the weather was absolutely freezing. You could see the city of Hobart through the clouds and it was really a unbelievable sight.

This is where my time in Tasmania would end.

I am so glad I decided to rent a car and travel the island myself.

I’m proud of myself for doing it.

Because it is hard and stressful and it’s lonely.

But it’s also powerful and exhilarating and totally badass.

And when it comes down to it, you only get so many moments or years to do things alone. To take chances and experience life with yourself. And if you can’t rely on you, then how is anyone else going to rely on you.

There’s been plenty of moments in my life when I haven’t done the right thing. Where I’ve been irresponsible, rude or ungrateful. And unfortunately, I’m sure there will be more to come.

But everyday I remind myself that there’s a certain way I want to live.

I want to live with love in my heart, adventure in my soul, humor on my lips, and grace in my voice.

I want to live wright.

I’m off to Melbourne because I couldnt cancel my flight… So I just added to it…

Stay tuned, because oh my goshhhhhh,  this one is going to be fun!

“Sometimes you just gotta give yourself the pep talks. Like Hello you are a badass woman, don’t be sad, you’re doing great. love you!”

Choose love,

P.s. I post weird things on snapchat and sometime forget to save the picture so if you want to join the chaos add me! Kjwri

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  • Ouida Aday
    Posted at 12:16h, 30 March Reply

    It\’s hard not to be melancholy when you\’ve just said goodbye! You can do hard things. Keep on keeping on!

  • Ariel
    Posted at 16:52h, 13 May Reply

    I don\’t know how or why I clicked on your fb profile but I did. & I\’m glad I did because I\’ve read almost every post in this blog; I\’ve literally been not working just reading these and I love it. I\’m so happy I \”stumbled upon\” it. You are hilarious and this is just awesome to see you doing this. & in case you have no idea who I am, I\’m a friend of Dakotah\’s and Levi\’s 🙂

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