Safe and sound and really confused…

I officially made it to Australia. Wow. I still can’t believe I’m really here. It seems surreal.

The long days of traveling weren’t as bad as I thought they would be. (17 hours is still way too long though)

I left the El Paso airport at 3:30pm on December 30.

I arrived at LAX at 4:45pm with the hour time change.

My flight on Fiji Airways didn’t leave LAX till 9:30pm. So in the meantime I got my currency exchange and hung out…And freaked out. A lot.

The flight was 10 hours. Luckily it wasn’t packed so I got to spread my limbs throughout the flight. I slept a good amount of it. I watched 2 movies and slept through one. We had two full meals. Dinner and breakfast. There were a lot of honeymooners it seemed like. It was cute and I was a little jealous.  Then I remembered I’m on a year long honeymoon with myself.

I arrived in Nadi, Fiji at 5:30am on January 1, 2016. So somewhere through the previous flight I celebrated New Years. Hopefully it was when I was awake. But I have no idea. And nobody was too concerned that we had just missed it. In my head I imagined people popping champagne on the flight. That was a far fetched dream.

My flight then left at 7:30am and I arrived in Brisbane at 9:30am.

Holy smokes. It was a whirlwind. But everything was smooth and easy. I got in an über and made it to my hostel.


I went with a 6 all girls room. It’s a lot like a dorm room. Except with women of all ages that don’t speak the same language.

The first day i decided to explore the city by foot. I walked aimlessly because I had no idea where I was going or where I was at and that was okay with me. I made it down to South Bank which is the downtown. It has bars and restaurants and a man made beach.

The next morning I met a girl that was on the bunk above me, she was from Canada, 18, and had been in Australia for 2 months. She invited me to go to the Australia Zoo. So because I have no idea what I’m doing and have zero plans I said yes! We jumped on a train and rode it to a town called Beerwah. This is the zoo where Steve Irwin worked, it was an awesome experience and I made my first fiend. Double bonus!


I had so much fun loving on the animals! And taking my first kangaroo selfie. Trust me there will be more!

On my second day, my Canadian friend and I took the train to the Gold Coast. I got my phone set up, thank goodness! So now I have an Australian number! Yay! I can still be reached through Facebook of course, but I have been texting calling and sending pics to my family on the whatsapp app. If you want to join in on the adventures download it!

We walked down to Surfers Paradise and I finally got to put my toesies in Australian waters!

Thank you all for the prayers, positive thoughts and encouraging words! They have been used and heard more than you know. This has been the most thrilling and scariest thing I have ever done. So keep sending them!

Stay tuned, I’m on the move again!

“Your wings already exist, all you have to do is fly.”

Choose love,


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  • John wright
    Posted at 00:23h, 04 January Reply

    Love you

    • Dolores Arambula
      Posted at 21:28h, 05 January Reply

      I am glad that you are having a great time. You are in my prayers and have fun, relax, and make memories because you deserve it.

  • Laura Szalay
    Posted at 00:33h, 04 January Reply

    Sounds like a fabulous start to an amazing adventure! So glad you\’ve found a friend to hang out with!! Glad you are safe, sound and spreading those wings!!

  • LaNeer Wrye
    Posted at 04:08h, 04 January Reply

    Glad you made it safe and glad you made a friend. That makes a difference; I think. Hugs!

    • kjwri
      Posted at 19:24h, 05 January Reply

      Thank you! I\’m glad I made a friend too, it made a huge difference!

  • Jennifer
    Posted at 18:30h, 05 January Reply

    Hey kelsey!glad your doing good. Is it whatsapp or snapchat? <3

    • kjwri
      Posted at 18:56h, 05 January Reply

      Hiii! Thank you! You can add on both, whatsapp is more texting and calling, but I\’ve been posting my adventures to snapchat as well. My snap name is kjwri ? Add me

  • Patricia
    Posted at 20:23h, 05 January Reply

    Happy New Year

  • Grady Oxford
    Posted at 20:31h, 05 January Reply

    So good to see you\’re having fun….but can\’t believe you didn\’t bring all of with you dammit!!!!!! Keep the news coming!! Love it and miss ya!!

  • Elizabeth Turner
    Posted at 03:38h, 06 January Reply

    Enjoy your wonderful adventure!!! The critter pics are so fun. Love you!

  • Elizabeth Turner
    Posted at 03:42h, 06 January Reply

    Kels, it all looks wonderful, enjoy!! The critter pics are soooo fun. Love you….

  • Kathy Oxford-Ponce
    Posted at 05:38h, 06 January Reply

    I can so see a bestseller I your future!!

  • Carissa Aday
    Posted at 14:17h, 06 January Reply

    Glad you made it safe and have begun adventuring!! Can\’t wait for the next update!

  • Jessica Martin
    Posted at 18:02h, 07 January Reply

    OMG! It looks like so much fun! So happy you are enjoying it!

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