Lesson 1 & bus ride…

Well happy Friday from Australia!

It’s officially been 1 week since I arrived, but to be honest it feels like a month. My dad wrote me the sweetest letter before I left (we are a family of words, notes and letters) and he said that the first week was going to feel like a month… and then it would fly by. He is right so far. But I am feeling good. I feel like I’m getting my feet under me finally, like I’m actually traveling and feeling comfortable in my abilities to pretend to have an idea of what’s going on, when I absolutely do not.

When I updated last I was in Brisbane, I stayed a few extra nights then planned because I didn’t know where I wanted to go and it was pouring rain. And then when I did decided, I couldn’t find a hostel to stay at.

Lesson 1: do not book a bus/train/ flight without lookin for accommodations first. Holy smokes… I was almost homeless in Byron Bay. Haha that would’ve been an adventure. But that was my plan, catch a train to Byron and hang out further South. But I think because Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were on Holiday there it was booked out. Or maybe I should’ve booked further ahead then a day. Either way, that plan was vetoed. Another option I pondered was to jump on an domestic flight to Sydney and discover that beautiful place. Mind you this is all in like a day. Haha I asked another person for advice and she threw out a town called Hervey Bay up north on the coast.

She didn’t have to do much talking, I was sold on it. Cause hey… Why not?

So I booked a hostel and a greyhound in that order… Remember: lesson 1. And the next day I was off.

Side none: when I was in Brisbane I started a bank account with a “sister bank” of Bank of America. That way I can have a local debit card and a place to keep money made and well international charges are no joke. But because I have no idea where I’m going to be when the debit card comes in i just got it sent back to the bank. Sounded like a good idea, safest as well. But now I need to plan a trip back to Brisbane to pick it back up. These are the things that make living aimlessly, a little annoying. So small spoiler alert I will be making my way back down to retrieve my money!

Back to the good stuff. Jumped in the Greyhound at Noon on Wednesday, 6 and arrived at Hervey Bay at 5:30pm. It was a totally different feel. Small town, green everywhere and the ocean in view ?

I got to my hostel and it was so cute. Little log cabins with ducks, chickens and peacocks just strolling around. I made friends in my bunk quickly. There were 3 girls from the UK 2 traveling together. Then another 2 from Sweeden. That night we all sat around and talked. It was like we were in a grownup summer camp. Hahaha

The next morning two of the girls and I rented bicycles and rode along the beach. There was a beautiful bike path filled with trees and plants that you could look through and see the blue ocean. We found a nice place to stop and just layed around and read our books. (I’m reading the book Wild, it is absolutely wonderful!)

I jumped in the water cause I just couldn’t help myself and the water was so warm. It was warm, warm. Like bath water warm. Nothing near refreshing after a hot bike ride, but I loved every bit of it. We then wondered off to an Ice Creamery. 72 flavors. Now, that was refreshing. And overwhelming. If you HAVE to know, out of all the flavors I went with the daring and never underestimated mint chocolate chip and cookie dough… I know I’m lame.

We returned home aka hostel. And cleaned up. The 2 UK girls hired a car to travel these next 3 weeks. So we all jumped in and went to a local pub, where we just had a beer and talked. We walked down to the beach and finished the night by watching the sunset.

Hervey Bay, you were wonderful!

One thing I’ve really enjoyed is hearing everyone’s story. Why they decided to do this and what they plan on doing. It really makes you humbled. When I decided to do this, it was sort of an out. A way to escape what I had going on. People would say to me, “you can be whoever you want to be out there. Nobody will ever know!” And part of that, was exciting to me. I didn’t have to talk about my past. My mom, my sister and my ex-fiancé. But as this week has gone by, I’ve realized that I don’t wanna be anyone else. I like the person I am, I am proud to be me. So by all means, I don’t just start blabbing about myself, but if the occasion ever arises where I have the choice to be me or a lie. I think I’ll always choose me.

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself.”

The adventure continues in a new place tomorrow… Stay tuned…

Choose love,


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  • John wright
    Posted at 03:45h, 08 January Reply

    Your father sounds like a very wise man.

    • kjwri
      Posted at 03:48h, 08 January Reply

      I think y\’all would get along

  • Carissa Aday
    Posted at 04:05h, 08 January Reply

    🙂 sounds like you are having a blast and doing it right! I love reading these! It\’s like reading a novel and I have to wait for the next page! ?

  • ouidaaday
    Posted at 04:48h, 08 January Reply

    Aww, Kelsey! I\’m glad you\’re meeting yourself! XO

  • Laura Szalay
    Posted at 13:09h, 08 January Reply

    That is definitely the \”Wright\” choice! Glad you are having amazing adventures!!

  • Heather
    Posted at 16:13h, 08 January Reply

    Your adventure sounds so amazing so far. I cant wait to hear more 🙂

  • Nicole Ostland
    Posted at 19:58h, 09 January Reply

    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading about your adventures in the morning over coffee!!! You\’re an excellent writer & a beautiful soul, Kels ? Thanks for sharing ??

  • Lauren
    Posted at 20:47h, 10 January Reply

    Just had a chance to catch up on this. Sounds wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

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