Kind of like a dream…

Do you ever get that feeling when your doing something, it doesn’t have to be anything special, but it kind of feels like your in a dream? You look around and things seem so unreal. Like you’re not sure that your comprehending everything that’s going on?

If you talked to me throughout the years I have a common trait of saying things like, “this isn’t real life.” “My life isn’t real.” Or ” I have no idea what’s going on” (that’s one I’ve used plenty of times on here) because usually on a daily basis I have this reoccurring feeling that things I’ve experienced or the stuff I have seen is beyond words. I won’t go into it all but it’s been from the most unbelievably experiences of traveling or winning championships and falling in love. To living in hospital rooms, and seeing people you love the most just disappear. It’s kind of like a dream…

That’s what these past three days were. I would look around or lose myself in a song or moment and couldn’t believe I was living this life. In this moment.

Ok, ok… Let me share it with you ?

I left Hervey Bay on bus that brought me to a Ferry, where I would depart and spend 2 nights, 3 days on the beautiful Fraser Island. It was only a 45 minute Ferry ride to the Island and right away I knew this was going to be pretty fucking cool.

Fraser Island is worlds largest sand island. So when we arrived (I say we cause I was on a tour with a group of random strangers) we jumped on a big pink bus with the name CoolDingo on the side.

Right away our guide ran through some major rules. The first one being to buckle up. We started driving and we took on, what the island calls the “rollercoaster.” I am not kidding when I say that this bus just started shaking. And rocking and at one point I thought we were going to flip over. It’s all sand. No roads. So this pink bus was in 4 wheel drive and was getting it. I couldn’t help but laugh. This was one of those moments. What was going on!? Haha

We drove straight into the inner part of the island. I sat next to a girl from Germany, we chatted and exchanged the basics. Where are you from. What do you do. When did you arrive. When do you leave. And the one I’ve said the most, Yes, New Mexico is part of the United States.

Side note: From this German girl I learned that people might not know where New Mexico is. Buuuuuut they damn sure know what Breaking Bad is and that, is where you find common ground with people.

We started the day off by walking through the rainforest, there was a creek that ran right beside the trail. It was crazy to think you were in a rainforest on a sand island.

Our last stop was the iconic and Fraser Islands most famous place, Lake McKenzie. This is a freshwater lake, like all of them on the island, formed by rainwater. I’ve seen pictures of this lake, but when I walked into its white sand and breathtaking blue water, I was amazed. By far, one of the most peaceful place I’ve ever seen and been. This was again, one of those moments.

I dove right in and it was blissful. Warm and calm. And no kids screaming and running away from the waves crashing. And this was a slight upgrade from Elephant Butte…

I spent the afternoon tucked away in the shade reading my book, walking beachside in complete awe, or floating in the crystal clear water.

We returned to our resort (aka hostel called a resort) and ate dinner. I roomed with 3 other girls, 2 from Finland and the other from Switzerland.

The next morning we loaded up in our dune cruising son of a gun bus and drove 45 straight across the island to the east coast called 75 mile beach. From there we drove on the beach, not on a road by the beach. We drove ON the actual beach. They use it like a highway, speed limits and all. I’ve never seen anything like it. We were weaving back and forth avoiding the waves crashing…and on coming traffic.
We took a stop at the Maheno ship wreck, where there was a couple of planes parked on the beach beside it. A pilot took a minute to explain the flight and asked who would be interested. With little hesitation my hand popped up.

Uhhhh yes I’ll jump on a shady, small plane that lands and takes off from the beach without signing paperwork or asking any safety questions. The popular thing to say would be YOLO, I hate hate that so I’ll say “why not?”


With a runway of sand we flew right into the air. I couldn’t fathom that I was now in a plane with a pilot that was more concerned with looking back at me then looking in the direction of front window. It was a 15 minute flight and it was unreal. Again, one of those “this isn’t real life,” moments.

After the flight the tour made its way to Eli Creek. It is a freshwater creek that is used as a lazy river. The current is surprisingly fast and the scenery was beautiful.


We then made our way to Indian Head where we climbed to the top to see Frasers coastal views.

To finish the day we sat in the Champaign Pools. These are natural rock pools filled with the high tide. There were fish and turtles just swimming around!


On the third and final day, we made our way across the island again and stopped in another dreamland called Lake Birrabeen. It was again, breathtaking. I had the chance to stand up paddle board and even committed to my first ever headstand on the board. All my new found friends were impressed, they named me America. I guess Kelsey was too hard to say.


To finish the day we trekked through some intense sand for 2.3 kilometers to find a sand dune “oasis” (more like death) to Lake Wabby. As you jumped in you were greeted by Garra Rufa fish. These are the little guys that you see in spas that nibble the dead skin off your feet… Haha I had mixed emotions about that.

After our return I caught a bus to Rainbow Beach where I am now. These past few days were unbelievable. I am so thankful for this experience. I have learned so much and met so many good souls. What a beautiful life I’m living.

“Fall in love with the little moments in your life.”

The bus ride is booked and I’m off again tomorrow…

Choose love,


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  • ouidaaday
    Posted at 04:50h, 12 January Reply

    Ahhhh! I love it…except the nibbling fish! Beautiful!

  • Lori Camacho
    Posted at 05:04h, 12 January Reply

    Your amazing \”America\”!!! I love reading your blog and i get to live through you!!! lol reminds me of my favorite movie Eat Pray Love!!!

  • Carissa Aday
    Posted at 13:29h, 12 January Reply

    Awesome Kels!!! Love all the pictures!

  • Nicole Ostland
    Posted at 18:41h, 13 January Reply

    Those little fish look like leeches ? Can\’t believe you got on that plane! And when will you be finding employment? I keep thinking you\’re gunna run outta $$, & in ur next post, be driving a pink dingo bus for cash ?

  • Ariel
    Posted at 02:21h, 14 January Reply

    This is so cool! Im so happy your having fun!!

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