It’s just a chapter in my best selling book…

Coming home after traveling is a complete contradiction.

On one hand it feels refreshing to see my family and friends and be in a familiar place with the ultimate abundance of chips and salsa. 

And on the other, it’s sad. Because so much is the same. What I left is what I came back to. That statement alone, makes me happy and sad. 

But it’s so inspiring coming home and getting to share my adventures with people in person.

After a loooooong 17 hour travel day from Brisbane to Fiji, then to LAX I finally was state side. I arrived only 4 hours I left (technically) Arriving in America made me anxious. I couldn’t believe my Australian life was over, it was and still is hard for me to fathom that. 

But I was anxious to see my best friend get married, for my sister to go into labor, for me to be in the same day as everyone back home and mostly for some reflection and more self growth here. 

Prior to leaving for Australia my best friend asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. Of course I said yes and told her I would book my flight back for her big day! I ordered my bridesmaid dress and flew out on my adventure. Literally, that’s what I did. So about 3 weeks until I left I finally snapped back to reality and had a freak out about my trip home and having no idea what was going on. 

If you haven’t noticed I am quite the carefree, go with the flow kind of human. I like to plan and know what’s going to happen, but most of the time I just figure it out as I go. 

That’s how my whole life has been. Consistency is only for a matter of time. 

Normal is nonexistent.

I’ve had a life when I was a kid that was with a normal family of five. 

Then my new normal had to be life without my mom. 

Then I learned that, that “new normal” I got accustomed to, was going to change again.  

I have had to relearn what life is without my best friend and sister. 

I found another new normal, a life that I was happy and proud of. One with a husband and kids. 

Once again, that changed. 

But throughout all of these chapters of my life I have learned that the in midst of all of this chaos, I can keep stillness and happiness inside of me. And that’s what I do. 

All these mini lives I’ve lived have made me into the woman I am.  

Thankfully Jessica, who was the most organized bride I’ve ever been in contact with, helped me arrange a way to make my transition into life and the wedding easier.

I flew into LAX at 2:00pm on Tuesday June 21st. The wedding wasn’t till Sunday and we didn’t check into the hotel till Friday. So after communicating with Grandma Janet while in Australia (grandma Janet is David’s grandma)(David is Jessica’s fiancé) I arranged to stay with them until Friday. 

So no, I’ve never met Grandma Janet or Grandpa Mike, but I was so thankful for them to open their home and let me stay with them until the wedding. It was just a bonus week of traveling and staying with another family! 

I arrived in America to a whirlwind of people, of different colors, races and languages. 

I jumped in a big blue van and traveled an hour to Grandma Janet’s house. At this point I had no idea what time, day or life I was in. All I knew was that I needed to stay awake until 9pm that night to get on a solid sleep schedule. 

When I arrived at the house I was welcomed with huge hugs and bright smiling faces. These people were complete strangers and right away I felt so at home. 

That evening i had my wildest dream come true, with homemade enchiladas! I couldn’t think of a better way to end my first day back! 

That night I also got to see my bridesmaid dress for the first time. Thank goodness for teamwork and the ability to blame my boobs on the tight fit. (Wow, those Australian biscuits did damage) 

The next day we loaded in their RV. When I say RV, I actually mean a fully equipt home on wheels that was wayyyyyy nicer than 98% of the hostels I stayed at. We drove the hour or so to Temecula, where the wedding was. 

On Thursday Jessica and David arrived and stayed in the RV too. It was such a fun experience. I hadn’t seen either of them in over 2 years so we had so much fun catching up and getting wedding ready. 

Friday started all the wedding festivities with a pool party meet and greet. Then a buffet dinner and soon enough we were dancing the night away at the Eagles Nest above the Pachenga Resort. There was honestly nothing harder than going from living like a complete savage with barely any makeup or clothes to having to be wedding ready. But I went with and I think I got myself together pretty well. 

Reuniting with your best friends from high school is seriously the best. It’s also kind of a disaster. Literally it takes zero time for you to start peeing with the door open, gossiping about your hometown and catching up on future plans and sharing clothes. 

Also I thought my ankles were going to break because I haven’t worn heels in so long and I forgot what it felt like to walk on small sticks that are supposed to hold you up. 

Saturday was the rehearsal and lunch. The wedding was at Pointe Winery and it was jaw dropping gorgeous! 

Also it was extremely hot and at that moment when I was dripping sweat from my neck down my back and then my butt … Well….  I wanted to go back to Australia. 

Then we had a beautiful lunch where we got to mingle and drink too much wine. 

I’ve known Jess since we were in preschool. I remember her as this petite, blue eyed beauty. 

Then we played on the same basketball team in middle school. And onto playing freshman basketball together. Well she played, I usually sat the bench, mostly cause I wasn’t good and also because when I did play I would get fouled out because a foul in basketball is not comparable to a foul in soccer and let’s be real. I don’t know how to keep my hands to myself. 

Throughout high school we were best friends, we went on road trips, spring break trips and hiking trips. We stayed friend throughout college even though it was long distance. She won Miss NM and of course I had to go watch her compete in Miss USA. 

I completely adore this girl and her constant drive to be the best. She is beautiful (obviously) but her heart is full of so much love. 

And boy did she make one absolutely stunning bride. 

Thank you Jess for letting me be apart of such a special day! 

And congratulations to Mr. And Mrs. Quiroga! You two are perfect for each other! 

(That’s me and Jess but we actually look really in love so it seemed fitting)

This last picture is me on my phone? Yea typical girl. But in all honesty I was head over heels, eye googling my phone because that morning my life changed. 

Morgen had decided with her doctor that she would get induced on the Monday I got home which was supposed to be the 27th. 


Like most men, Cooper decided to come early….. 

I got a phone call on Saturday night from morgen saying her water broke. My initial reaction was “Nooooooooooo!” I wanted to be home and at the hospital with everyone when he made his big arrival. But I knew that that wasn’t going to happen. 

Morgen went to the hospital and on Sunday June 26 at 8:15am Cooper Owen Pfeifer was welcomed into our world. 

I couldn’t believe how perfect and beautiful this little boy was…. I also find it really weird how much he looks like my dad. Yikes. So maybe beautiful isn’t the right word. 

Even though I missed his arrival I was on cloud 9. I am so proud of Morgen for being such a great mom, she was healthy and fit throughout her pregnancy and brought this angel into our lives. 

Congratulations Jeff and Morgen. You two make cute kids. 

I caught a flight early Monday morning and was home by 2. 

I walked through the El Paso airport extremely anxious and excited to be back.

As I walked out and looked up, I see my dad. 

He’s standing there alone with two yellow roses. 

My heart literally exploded. 

This guy is too good to me. 

I also was confused because Cindy wasn’t next to him. So I took a peak over my shoulder and see her creeping behind a pillar. 

After the best and most anticipated bear hug from papa john I turned around to see dakotah creeping behind Cindy. 

So I’m standing there… In the airport, crying and laughing. 

I should’ve waited to cry till I got to the car because my 3 lovelies surprised me CHIPS AND SALSA!

Holy shit. Now that’s a welcome home. 

As I shoveled it down my throat I talked the rest of the ride home. 

We got into Las Cruces and went straight to Morgens house. 

I opened the door to find a little girl look at me with the biggest blue eyes. As she walked slowly towards me she seemed to not know if I was real. 

The only words that could exit my mouth was “Hi baby” I bent down and Shelby walked into my arms. 

She said “hi auntie, I missed you” 

Again, tears. 

We kissed and hugged and I couldn’t believe how big and gorgeous she was. I’ve missed this little girl more than anything. 

Then I set my eyes on a little boy who, without even knowing, stole my heart. 

We sat as a big family (Sean came over too) and things just felt…. Right 🙂 

I’m honestly in love with being an Aunt. 

Being home has been lovely. I started crossfit again, I get to hike in my desert heat, I’ve gone to the lake, i sit on patios and drink beer, I eat chips and salsa and I get to see my family everyday. 

Life is good. 

But I do have to say I miss my Australian Life as well. (That will be another blog) 

But as one adventure ends, another one always begins. 

This is just another chapter in the book of my life. 

Where I’m finding my new normal, and having the time of my life. 

And throughout all of these chapters and lives, I am crushed that I couldn’t keep some of the main characters. 

But I didn’t have that choice. The story moves on…. 

I have some stateside trips planned very soon to see some pretty important people.
Just because I didn’t stay in Australia all year doesn’t mean the adventures of Kelsey 2016 is over. Stay tuned…. 

 Cause oooohhhhhh baby it’s still on! 

“Home is where you leave everything you love and never question that It will still be there when you return ” 

Happiest birthdays to my sweet angel. 29 would’ve looked good on you. 

Thank you for guiding, protecting and loving me through this transition.

You are and will always be my best friend, forever. 

Choose love,


  • Marvine Hunt
    Posted at 14:40h, 14 July Reply

    Enjoyed reading this ,I\’m a friend of your grandma Millie ,She use to visit me here in Ky ,how is she ?? .Havnt heard from her in a while ,where do I get a copy of your Book ? Millie talked about you girls so much ,I feel I know this family ,Tks. Marvine Hunt

  • Laura Szalay
    Posted at 19:20h, 14 July Reply

    Awesome adventure and now on to the next one! Good for you ….what an incredible journey so well lived, articulated and enjoyed! Welcome home!

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