Empty your pockets on things that fill your soul…

I think its important to let you all know that whole heartily believe that spending money on travel is not only necessary but its also really important.

I would much rather spend money on experiences,


travel and


Than a house full of stuff, or a closet full of clothes.

I also think its important to make a note that I said clothes, not shoes.

Because shoes are really important to me.

But when someone plans a weekend adventure-

say yes.


Go places you’ve never been.

Go places you have been.

Make memories,

take pictures and use dry shampoo more than ever.

Smash 7 girls into a hotel room.

With one bathroom,

And not enough outlets for phone charges, curling irons, hair dryers.

A weekend in Durango, Colorado was exactly just that


exactly what I needed.


We left Friday morning, snacks on deck.

Got to Albuquerque about 1pm to pick up the birthday girl and continue to Durango.

From Las Cruces it is about a 7 hour drive.

As we arrived into Durango, we were greeted by snowy mountains and sunny skies.

We rolled into the cute little town, filled with specialty shops, bars and restaurants

the town itself has quiet a bit of charm.

Durango’s Main Avenue is anchored by two historic hotels: Hotel Strater and The General Palmer.

The lobby of the Strater was used as a filming location in the 1983 comedy classic National Lampoon’s Vacation.

And that is exactly where we calling home for 2 nights.

From the moment we walked through the double wooden doors it was like we went back in time.

Not only were the workers in slow motion, but the hotel and décor made it feel like the real deal.

After a getting settled into our room, we b-lined it straight to the bar.

It was a birthday weekend, and it needed to be celebrated.

I was introduced to 4 new friends, one baby and one great husband.

For a husband to go on all girls trip and be the only guy, that’s pretty brave.

We started with chiltons, vodka waters, prosecco and Stellas.

The bar was great, but again, the waitresses were in slow motion and wearing vintage cocktail waitress attire.

Actually, pretty much the whole trip was described as me waiting for the locals to do just do basic things.

I realized towards the end that the reason everything is slow motion is because everyone is stoned.

Which is completely understandable.

From there, we took a wander around downtown Durango.

Bar hopping,

Shot taking,

Laughing too loud

And dancing without any cares.

The night ended late but without any trauma or drama.

So in my opinion, with a group of girls,

is a huge success.


The next morning we were booked for the Durango Silverton Train Ride.

We arrived at 9:00am to the train station, it was a quick 5 min walk from our hotel and it was a beautiful day.


With the words, “All Aboard.”

We were placed in a trolly car and given some background on what we were going to be experiencing.

The line was constructed to haul silver & gold ore from Southwest Colorado’s San Juan Mountains, but passengers soon realized it was the view that was truly precious and it became a scenic tour.

And to be absolutely honest, it was one of the most beautiful experiences.

The train,

Old and shaky.

Unsteady but calming, it moved slow but with urgency.

In a way that made you appreciate every single detail that caught your eye out the window.

The sound of the tracks under the cars, along with the loud echoeing Choo-Choos being lost into the air.

My favorite part was standing in the open air gondola car.

Fully open,

The cold, refreshing and Colorado air whisking through your clothes and hair.

If you leaned out you could sometimes catch the perfect sight of the locomotive turning, with black smoke puffing out of the engine.

It was like a movie.

And I was living it.

-Speaking of movies, I got asked to be in one.

That day.

On that train.

with complete strangers.

The Durango Film Festival was happening while we were there. And apparently they were looking for a new star, with no experience and lack of control with facial expression and laughter.

and they found me.

Now let me start off by saying that this is all completely true and also,

This movie will not be good.

Partly because I was in it and I still have no idea what the movie was even about or what role I even played in it.

Also- I want to set the record straight that if you do see it and its become a porno, I didn’t agree to that…

but it did occur to me after a few hours that this could be reality and I would be the girl on the train and then it cuts to a hotel room with some other red head…

lets cross our fingers and legs…. That that’s not the case.

But I was the girl on the train, with my friends and the main character who was extremely stoned in real life and also in this movie, started hitting on me.

The ‘Director” and I use that term very lightly, did not give me any sort of direction.

So because I don’t know how to act, and I am also not nice when guys hit on me I pretty much turned him down.

With a “Cut” and a “uhhhh that was really awkward.” He told me to be nicer and to act interested. This was going to test my acting skills because, I was 1,000 % not interested.

But, hey, I figured I would give it a shot because my life is funny and so was this.

After 30 min of telling him that I was staying at the Rochester Hotel in room 108 and that he should ‘Come By” with a winky face that im pretty sure turned out to look like I was having a small seizure.

We were done.









Thank goodness cause my acting career was taking off too fast.

I have no idea what the movie was called, who the people were or what was ever going to come from that movie.

But I do know that they were from LA and that they already had a movie in the film festival.

I had already had some champagne and coffee with baileys so I was kind of just going with the flow.



The full train ride is 26-mile and a 5 hour journey to the Cascade Canyon Wye. This trip takes you through the San Juan National Forest and along the Animas River.

When the train arrived at the Cascade Canyon, 4 of us got off and jumped on a van to take us to the San Juan National Forest for a 2 hour guided snowmobile adventure.

I decided to do a double ride with Nicole-

I mainly just wanted to go pro the whole thing and have the chance to actually enjoy the views and sights.

I was just down with the ride.




After getting fully clothed in snow gear. We had a 5 minute introductory and then we were flying.

When I say flying I mean we were maxing out at about 20mph. which seemed fast but in reality I could’ve ran faster.

We spent the two hours exploring Molas Pass and the Molas area.

It was absolutely stunning.

When I wasn’t holding on for dear life, I was in complete awe of the vast scenery covered in white.

It was so peaceful and bare.

The trees were untouched and the snow was thick and pure.

It was a great way to see the blissful mountains and really experience a different part of Colorado.

After the two hour ride, my butt crack was fully chaffed and my knuckles were white.


But we didn’t flip, crash or cry.

So that is another successful adventure.

We jumped back in the van and headed back to Durango.

We arrived at 6pm and quickly changed to get ready for dinner and round 2.

After attempting to drink a vodka water I secretly decided that I could not drink.

It ended up not being a secret when I didn’t order any drinks and I refused any shot.

But we ended up back at a few of the places we went the night before.

Moe’s- where a local passed out under the bar, then got thrown out, then got beat up , then threw up all over himself, then got arrested.

The Irish Embassy- Where we ran into our Bachelor Party guys, took Irish Car Bombs, counted down to Alanna’s birthday.

Wild Horse Saloon- Where we took over the dance floor, requested Fetty Wrap, got lap dances, watched lap dances, boo-ed the DJ, closed the bar down.

I never knew that Denny’s Restaurant could have a wait time of 45 min at 2:30am but in Durango it does.

That’s where my sober night ended and everyone else’s continued.

Waking up Sunday morning, Alanna and I celebrated her birthday by finding fresh air and walking around the empty streets of downtown Durango.

After a wonderful brunch and a stop at a Dispensary, we got on the road to take the long drive home.

It was such a fun and fast weekend, but it was filled with so much diversity and laughter.

Durango you are one weird, weird place.

I like you,

but you’re weird.


Happiest Birthdays to Alanna- i admire your adventurous soul and your pure heart.


So I’m a few hundred dollars down in the wallet, but my heart and soul is so full.

Adventure brings me life.

it brings me joy.

So spend your money on things that can continue to inspire you.

whatever that may be, find it and never let it go.



“She was a storm. Not the kind you run from, but the kind you chase.”


Keep vibing, keep thriving and keep striving.


You are pure magic,

Choose love,


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