3,2,1…. Jump

I feel like the the countdown to things are always more nerve racking and anxiety ridden then the actual event. Like your counting down days till Christmas or Thanksgiving, and you have this anticipation of what is going to happen, whose going to be there, what are you going to eat, what are you going to feel? … Other than fat.

For me, it’s the same. I am a dreamer. I love to think ahead to future moments and depict what I think it will be like. It’s stupid stuff, like dinner or an interaction with someone you know you will have. Or it’s usually bigger things, like more recently what was my Australian trip going to be like. Was I going to be happy? Or make friends? How was I going to workout? Would I be socially awkward and only laugh at my own… Hilarious… Jokes? Where was I going to go? Live? Eat? Who was I going to become?

I would dream of these things. And I counted down the days… You guys were apart of that. And now I’m here. The anticipation is over and the countdown was worth it. It was a 3,2, 1… Jump kind of feeling.

Some of those questions I still don’t have answers to, others I have figured out along the way like a very important one, yes, i am happy ?

and yessssss I’m funny in all languages…

Okay, I left off with my dream experience on Fraser Island, where I stopped at Rainbow beach. Nothing cool happened there. I just hung out and took some time to let everything sink in. I stayed 3 nights and bunked with two girls from Ireland. From There I jumped on a greyhound and took a 6 hour cruise to Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. I got there last Wednesday and got settled in. For the first time I started to feel a little home sick. Not in the, “I’m crying because I miss my family and I’m lonely and unhappy” kind of way. But more of the, “I miss having a home, and my own bathroom and not living out of a suitcase.”

P.s. I do miss my family, terribly.

So instead of pondering that homesick thought, I went to the beach and booked my first ever surf lesson. That helped.

Note to self: when in doubt surf it out.

The next morning I got up and learned how to surf. It was awesome… and annoying. Mostly because I wanted to be really good at it right away and I wasn’t. See, learning to surf was one of those things I invisioned myself doing here in Australia. Wake up. Surf. Eat. Surf. Be a surf girl…. Wowawewa. I’ll need more lessons to live that life. But it was great. I met a local woman whose son surfed and she wanted to learn as well. We chatted and cheered each other on and I cannot wait to take another lesson in another magical place.

This is where I would post a picture of me surfing… But I was mostly trying not to drown so there were no photos being taken…

I did however treat myself to a beer and Thai food. I had the chance to capture that moment.

The next day, before I caught a shuttle into town I overheard two girls talking. I politely butted in by yelling, “are you from America!?” They were, California to be exact. This is odd because they were only the second people I’ve met from the states. So we did the whole introductory and they are traveling for 6 months but all around the world. Right away we clicked!

After I did some solo walking around town, i headed up to the SkyPoint. This is an observation deck that’s 77 floors above. It has a 360 degree view of the Gold Coast. It was such a gorgeous view. And I loved asking strangers to take my picture. Haha

I’ve really enjoyed spending time with myself. I am indeed pretty fun.

Later that evening i watched the sunset behind my hostel and then I met up with the American girls and went to grab a drink in town. We went to this fun Irish pub called Waxxys and ended up talking to a group of local guys who were on a weekend long bachelor party. We all chatted traveling and America and accents and futbol. Well I did. We called it an early night and silently snuck out.

The next morning I was itching to workout. I’ve been searching for gyms or boot camps everywhere I’ve been, but I haven’t had much luck. I have had to resort to morning runs. But, that morning I decided to walk over to a Fancy Mancy Health Club and ask for a day pass. It ended up that a Pilates class was about to start so I said, perfect, I’ve never done Pilates, sign me up! (This is a year of firsts)

The instructor was so sweet. She talked to me before class and we shared a cup of tea. As class began I realized I was by far the youngest in the class. But I made Pilates my b…

After class, the instructor invited me to walk to their local farmers market. So I again, said yes and we made our way. We tasted and chatted and then we split bags of fresh veggies and a coconut bar. Then, just like I met her I said goodbye. Probably to never seeing her again. That’s the crazy thing about this traveling. I’ve met so many good people and then just have to leave.


My American friends and I decided to get involved in the local Pub Crawl. It started at 6:30pm at a bar and then every hour we would go to a different one, with one free drink included. By the time we left the first bar there was at least 150 people involved in this pub crawl. I had never seen anything like it. The “pub” part turned out to be more of a “nightclub” with dirty dancing and sweaty smells. So when we arrived at the last place I opted to end the night early, because, well. I’m an old grandma. Haha

The next morning I was off again, booked last minute, because that’s how I have been living… And I was off to Byron Bay.

I was welcomed into a festive town. It’s Australia’s most eastern town and is a beautiful combination of rainforest and beach. It is a popular stop for tourists and mainly backpackers. It’s a cute town with a lot of character! I arrived at my hostel which was booked from a recommendation, after checking in I realized why. I was literally sleeping in a teepee. Full on zipper door and wooden bunks. The rest of the hostel was, well the only word I could discrib it would be hippy. It’s bright colors and barefoot guests made me feel overdressed. There was a large pond in the middle with lizards and wild birds scampering around.

I could see how this town was a popular place, it’s an easy and pretty life, filled with a lot of… Well, weed.

After arriving I knew there was one thing i HAD to do here. It was something that I had been waiting and planning to do, and this was the place to do it. I booked my adventure and the next morning I was off…

3,2,1… Jump!

I was skydiving!

By far, one of the most exhilarating and down right exciting things I have done in my life. Sky dive Byron bay is the highest place to skydive at 14,000 ft. The views were unreal and the pure joy and facial expressions capture that.


There’s just something about being attached to a complete stranger, flying through the air that makes life just a little more thrilling. I definitely recommend it.

And yes the fact that I was taller and outweighed him was slightly scary.

After my jump I spent the day walking around town and at the beach. It was quite the Monday.

The next morning I met up with some girls (I met them the night before) and went on a sunrise hike to the Light House in Cape Byron. It is a popular thing to do because of it being the tip of the east coast. It was well worth the 3:45am wake up call.


The American girls from Surfers Ended up back in Byron as well so I have enjoyed having a longer friendship. 5 days is pretty long….

I’ve realized that you can make up so many scenarios in your head. You can rack your brain about why it wouldn’t work or maybe how perfectly it could… You can have great, good or even bad thoughts about a future situation.

But the way I see it, all you have to do is 3,2,1… jump.

Jump into adventure, jump into conversations, jump into love, and most importantly, jump, full force, with no hesitation, into life.

You never know how beautiful something can turn out.

“Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let the pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place.”

I’m booked and ready to go back to Brisbane for a quick trip to pick up my plastic money… Then… You’ll have to wait to see where I end up next… Stay tuned..

Choose love,


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  • Taylor Lytle
    Posted at 15:51h, 19 January Reply

    I love this one! The pictures of you sky diving. The happiness is so real! You\’re living life Kels. Good luck with the next adventure!

  • Joy Creech
    Posted at 17:45h, 20 January Reply

    Kelsey – you look so beautiful and happy! Love seeing that…

  • Laura Szalay
    Posted at 14:43h, 26 January Reply

    I just love reading about your adventures….you go girl! See, your parachute has opened in air AND on the ground! so happy for you!

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