Sounds a lot like breaking your own heart…

When I stopped having expectations for everything,

Things became a lot less stressful,

And a lot more beautiful.


& maybe it wasn’t the act of lowering my expectations,

Maybe it was the fact that I just see reality for what it is now.


Because people will be who they are,

Regardless of what you expect them to be.


You want him to text you more,

Or you think he should tell you more, be more, say more.

The hard truth about it is, that “he” is his own,

And your expectations may not line up with his reality.


That’s why I  have to tell myself:

“Give without expectation, accept without reservation, and love with hesitation.”


All I can control is me.


The only person I put on a pedestal is myself, because it is unfair to put others on something they didn’t sign up for.


Now- hear me out, im not saying that you shouldn’t hold people accountable for being good humans.

They should be trusting,



And loving.

Those are gold star standards in my book.


And even at that,

Every ones standards for what truth is,

Is different.


Or love? Well that’s another hard one.

See I show love with words, by telling people how much I appreciate them,

By spending time with them.

But you?

You might show love with gifts,

Or by doing things for someone, like the dishes or laundry.

So now you see,

Your love,

And my love,

Are completely different.


But to expect another human to read my mind,

Or know precisely what to say and when to say it,

Or to be mad that they didn’t react in a way that I believed they should,


Just seems silly.


So I’ve just chose to go into things with an open mind.

Without a preconceived notion of what I “think” it should be.


Life has a way of changing your plans,

Every day,






So to be disappointed with an “idea” of something,

That YOU created and can’t fully control seems a lot like breaking your own heart,

Over and over again.


And I don’t know about you,

But I will take a HARD PASS on that.


I realized that my expectations were solely being based on my idea of what I would’ve done if I were them,

But when I grasped the concept that,

I am not them,

And they are not me.

That’s when I stopped being irritated with things that aren’t in my control.


And to be free of the burden that holding onto that does,

Welllllllllllll, let me tell you,

Happiness has never felt so good.


Expect the best from yourself,

And let others show them the best of themselves…

& whatever they show you,

Good or bad…

Take it for what it is,


believe them

(even when you don’t want to)


When I stopped having expectations for everything,

Things became a lot less stressful,

And a lot more beautiful.


I hope that life treats you well,

and if it doesn’t,

I hope you treat yourself well…


Happy days,

& sunrise rays…

Choose love-





“Don’t put your happiness solely in someone else’s hands,

they’ll drop it,

they’ll drop it every. single. time.”

  • Marcia
    Posted at 00:40h, 06 July Reply

    Wise words and beautifully said

  • Steph
    Posted at 03:13h, 06 July Reply

    Just what I needed tonight. Love this one boo. Reminds me of our breakie convo. We shall re-do soon! Xoxo

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