You, me and a loaded up Tacoma…

There are moments in life that define you.

That change the course of your existence forever.

These moments could be extravagant.




Or these moments could be building blocks of minuscule things;

That at the time it was happening-

Didn’t seem very sufficient to the rest of your life.


It’s like when someone enters your world-

That day, moment, or conversation.

Burned into your brain, forever.

Sometimes it exceeds all expectations.

Because it was never supposed to be this way.

And when you look back you don’t even know how you got here.


There’s these moments that I have-

Memories and experiences.

Ones that I don’t think I ever will forget.

And you were there for all of them.

A friendship that’s endured so much.

But exceeded it all.


This wasn’t one of those magical moments,

Where you meet someone, and know you’ll be inseparable.

It doesn’t have a notable start,

A moment,

A conversation.

but everything since then,

could be described as something out of a fiction novel.


You’ve been by my side for years now.

Some of the worst mixed with the best.

Brought together because we loved the same human.


It would have been easy to stop,

To lose connection.

To push away the things we held so close.

To move on with our lives

And try to forget the things we witnessed,


And had to go through.


See- now here is a defining moment for me.

I have this vivid memory.

You, me, and a Houston apartment.

Sitting on a twin size bed.


Making a decision that would change the course of both of our lives forever.


This was one of those moments.

One, that ultimately sealed our friendship forever.


I think we saved each other that day.


Then there’s another moment- defined in despair.

When I came home- heartbroken and shattered

From a love, I thought was it.


You saved me.

And haven’t stopped.


You cheered me on,

Challenged me,

And made a bunch of minuscule days

turn into a life of adventure.


You taught me about forgiveness and regret.

And what pure joy actually looks like.


Your friendship has easily,

and undoubtedly

Made me a better person.

And that alone is something that I can’t thank you enough for.


I think the odd thing about it all is that we didn’t choose to be friends.

We were kind of forced to,

by an angel that had it all planned out.

But I can’t imagine a life without you, now.

When God took both of our “person”

So, we became each others.


A lot won’t understand-

And I don’t blame them.

Or quite frankly want them to.

What you and I went through was hell.


But we rose from the flames-

And made Hell our Heaven.


And just so you know-

I am so proud of you.



Proud of you.

I am proud of the human you are

and continue to be.

I can’t wait to watch your days transform.

And your spirit ignite.


Thank you for being my best friend.

Thank you for being my brother.

But most of all,

Thank you for being patient, kind, and someone I will forever look up to.


I am so happy for you,

But sad for me.


So today is another day,

But now it’s another vivid memory.

You, me, and a loaded-up Tacoma.

Standing outside your apartment.



There are moments in life that define you.

That change the course of your existence forever.


Today is one of those days.


Go on Sean T.

Go change more lives

And drink more beer.



I’ll be here-










You are the POD to my WOD and the Bro to my down.

Thank you, truly, for all that you are.


Choose love,




  • Ouida Aday
    Posted at 20:10h, 03 June Reply

    Kelsey, you and Sean will always be bound together. You were there for him, too, you know. Saying goodbye is hard, but you’ll have lots of chances to say hello again! Love you!

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