You are the Storm…





and unexpected.


And in a world, where everyone wants the sunshine,

You are so much more.


Untamed and uncertain.

People chase storms like you.


You are bold and fearless,

Something that manifests without much attention.


A little dark and mysterious,

But when you come around, the world around you grows calm.


They say there is beauty in the storm,

And I couldn’t imagine anything more true.


You are powerful.

Yet daunting to the weak.


But your presence is desired.





& When you realize that YOU are the storm,

Nothing else can have your authority

Or the magnitude you possess.


You bring out the truth in things,

You wash away what doesn’t belong.


You will terrify, scare, and make the frail disappear,

Because loving a storm, isn’t ideal.

But then again,

What in life is?


You’re hard to tame,

But harder escape.


& where others are just content with being rain,


You, are the whole damn hurricane.



so go on now, rage on…

show everyone why storms are named after people.


“i survived because the fire inside of me burned brighter than the fire that surrounded me.”







You can do this,

Start with with today.


Forever and ever,

Choose Love,


  • Sarah Ramey
    Posted at 22:50h, 15 November Reply

    WOWAWEWA as you say!!! That was some damn good writing!!! LOVE YOU!!!

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