You Are Resilient




Like a triangle,

she stood sturdy.

Her foundation strong,


and powerful.

She rises to every challenge,

knowing power and strength can only come from within.

No amount of pressure can shatter her being.

She is grounded and invincible.

Simple yet dynamic.

Like a triangle,

she is


-Kelsey Wright



With the anniversary of it being a year since I returned home from Australia. I wanted to remind myself of why I started this blog and how far its come since my first post.

What started as a silly way for me to document an ill planned trip across the world, has turned into something I could’ve never imagined.

This blog and the title Living Wright came easy.

It was easy to sit and write about my life and my adventures, to document my trip to Australia and all that I had done.

It was fun and self serving.

The hard came after coming home,

coming home and not knowing if people would still want to connect with my writing.

Not knowing what life had in store for me and where this journey was supposed to go.

The hard part came when I had to dig a little deeper and really get to know myself.

Taking everything I had learned about the pursuit of happiness and pouring it onto others.

I had to find a part of me that i don’t normally show,

I decided to be open, honest and real

And I have never been more proud that I made that choice.


To look back at where this all started and where it is now, sincerely makes my heart fill with so much love and gratitude.

Gratitude for the experiences and the chance to be able to write what others might not be able to.


I have grown so much as a human,

as a woman,

as a writer.


As I began to transform I decided to dig a little deeper and find out what I wanted out of this blog and my brand.

Because this isn’t just a brand or logo.

This is truly my life.

One thing I will always vow is to be completely transparent in my writing.

To write whats heavy on my heart- even if I can’t speak it.

When I broke down what Living Wright meant to me and how this started and where it’s at now,

one thing was consistent.

The journey of self love.

Within that journey things have changed,


i’ve had set backs and successes.

But my main goal has always been to choose love,

for myself and mostly, within myself.

The person I am today has been built with intention day after day.


I felt my inspiration changing and my vibes resonate with something bigger.

I jotted down some triangles and with a few scribbles my new logo came to life.

It’s simplicity was perfect.


I have always been intrigued with triangles, their symbol and their strength.

The triangle has a vast amount of meaning.

The concept of feet on the earth, heart in heaven, ancient wisdom, mystic-ness, an energetic gateway, the holy trinity, spirit, the number three. The sacred feminine and masculine energies. The upward triangle can represent ambition and rising up.

While all of that is exceptional,

The shape has taken a new meaning for me…

The three triangles represent my sisters and I.

Strong and sturdy.

3 points, 3 lives, that will forever be connected.


It just made sense.

The power,

the strength.

How the stability of its outer being comes from within its core.

When it gets flipped or its world gets turned upside down,

it remains unshook

and reliant.


What a powerful thing to be



So I urge you to find that foundation.

To promise yourself that when life puts pressure on you,

you stay relentless.

You are invincible and you are meant to believe that.


now and forever.

With that said I am so excited to announce that I have opened a small online store where I will be choosing items that represent my brand and blog. 

My first item and one that I am so passionate about is the Resilient Rings.

This tiny and delicate ring can be worn by itself or stacked. 

This signature piece is suitable for anyone of any age.

My hope is that every time you place it on your finger you make it a point to love yourself.

That you are reminded just how unstoppable and vibrant you are.

That you continue to chase happiness fiercely. 

That it’s given as a gift to a woman that might need the reminder of her strength and tenacity-

even if its a gift to yourself.





Click here to SHOP



Thank you for joining me on this life changing experience.

The best is yet to come…


Choose love,


  • Ouida Aday
    Posted at 19:24h, 24 June Reply

    Kelsey, I love how your self-discovery has led you to deeper reflection, and how you’ve learned to love yourself more each step of the way. You have a gift. I hope your readers continue to grow in number and in their own journey. I’m glad you chose love…it’s not by any means the easy choice in a lot of situations. And you are resilient, but strong. I love you!

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