The magic of new beginnings…

The start of a new year,

New goals,

New dreams.

New things.


Comfort and content is an easy place to stay.

It’s warm and subtle.

Its routine


that’s what your used to.


But your life is meant to be explored.

To be possessed,

Then to be thrown into the air like confetti,

While you watch all the perfect pieces fall in such a beautiful mess.


If there’s something I’ve learned it’s that I won’t ever be totally ready for what life throws at me.

I won’t have the perfect words when I want them.

I will push away good people

& keep some bad ones close.


I’ll miss out on opportunities often,

And take some that maybe I shouldn’t.


Ill choose sleep over most things,

And sunsets over drinks.


I believe that fate is real,

And that karma is even more real.


I realized I was saying yes to things I really wanted to say no to,

So, I stopped doing that.


I remind myself daily that if everyone in the world threw their problems in a pile,

I would be quick to grab mine back.


I learned that I’m a daydreamer and a cup half full kinda gal,

And I realized some people won’t be a fan of that.

But it makes my days better and lets me believe that when one door closes another opens,

And that the magic of new beginnings is something that I’ll always crave.


So, with every sunrise,

And every cup of smoldering black coffee,

I remind myself that the beginning of things is always my favorite…


Here’s to the start of something beautiful…



2018 I think you’re going to be a memorable one.



Challenge yourself to better,

and surround yourself with people that make you better.

Life is here,

right now.

Go for it.

“Put your energy into things that matter, into things that make your soul dance, into things and people that in return, give you energy.”


Choose to be better- because you are.

As always,

Choose love,



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