Strong walls may shake but they never shatter…

Stay firm,

Grounded and resilient.

You are doing the best you can.

And that’s all you can do.

Be persistent,

Tough and robust.

Make people wonder how you’re doing it.

Work hard,

Be proud and don’t stop.


Be joyous for no reason,

And for every reason.


Nobody knows your daily struggle,

Only you.


But you are enough,

More than enough.


Find your strength and find yourself.

Be proud,

Stay proud,

And pride yourself on the fact that nobody can take that away.


Chase after dreams,

Even the scary ones that seem to be chasing you.


Because even though you have no inkling of what you’re doing,

You’re doing it,

just perfectly.


And if there is truth to anything,

Nobody really knows what they’re doing.





And love more.


Every day is a transition to the next,

And who knows,

It may just be the next best day of your life.


You are full of truth-

Speak it.


Choose love,


“Strong walls may shake, but they never shatter.”

  • Andre Houtman
    Posted at 14:55h, 09 June Reply

    I needed this…. Thank you!

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