In a world full of roses and sunflowers…

“The plant of patience and solitude,

love and madness,

ugliness and beauty,

toughness and gentleness.”




Like a cactus, her spines stood sharp.

Kind of intriguing to those that wanted to look,

But the ones that looked,

weren’t brave enough to get close enough.

She used them as protection,

To derail others-

That weren’t willing to get pricked.

Designed to detach-

Her spines,

attached, to those that walked close enough.

And the ones that already have,

even after they’ve left,

are still stuck with a few of them.

And probably always will.

Cause you can’t just forget about someone like her.

Growing in the heat-

Where others wouldn’t make it.

She intended to be stronger,


And a little messy.

Growing in places she wasn’t supposed to be planted.


And a little hard to handle.

And where most flowers needed to be watered daily,

She watered herself.

In love,


And every so often,

other people’s doubts.

A cactus flower endures through harsh conditions.

Thrives despite challenges.

And survives regardless of the emptiness it grows in.



In a world full of roses and sunflowers, she took pride in the fact that some flowers weren’t easily picked.  – KJW




You are resilient.

Choose love,





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