Find your Wild


uncontrolled or unrestrained, especially in pursuit of pleasure.

“she went through a wild phase of drunken parties and desperate affairs”

synonyms: uncontrolled, unrestrained, out of control, undisciplined, unruly, rowdy, disorderly, riotous, corybantic

“wild behavior”




Like the flowers on the side of the road.

There’s nothing more alluring then something that’s free,

yet untouched.

Growing freely, without question.

And making an ordinary dirt road look a little more like heaven.



Like the mountain air,

pure and clear.

That deep breath after a long drive.

Open spaces, vast and beautiful,

filled up by thoughts of the future.



Like her dreams of forever

Unwavering in doubt.

Uncanny, uncertain, and unruly.

Big enough to stand on,

loud enough to laugh at.


Find your wild.


A book.

A song.

A place in the snow.


The feeling of fire in your soul

That thing that makes you lose control,

and experience pure joy exulting from your heart.


Find your wild.


Maybe it’s gotten lost along the way,

Or maybe you’ve never actually found it.


It’s the part of you that you’ve been told to tame,

Or that you think might be too much for people.


It’s the part of you that thrives with chaos,

And sits still with imagination.


Your wild is you.


It’s the messy hair.

The late nights,

And the early mornings.


It’s the choices that got you here

and your openness and vulnerability.


Its the way you think,

and the way you sometimes,



at all.


It’s your loud laugh,

and the view that you have on life.


Find your wild. 


It’s that moment that you let go,

And realize that this life wasn’t made to be calm and perfect.


Because we are a little wild.


Wild in love,

Wild in fear,

Wild enough to be set free.


Find your wild.



& once you do.

Never let it go.


You are worthy and deserving.



Choose love,



Find your wild.

Find you.

“I found my wild at the bottom of heartbreak. Where there was no other choice but to cling onto passion and find out the things that would set me free. My wild is everywhere… and nowhere. My wild is me.”



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