Celebrate your mini wins… every day…

The key to life isn’t just progress,

sometimes is perceived progress.


Everyday your goal should be to be a better version of yourself.

So that every day you get closer to becoming the human you were meant to be.

It’s the little moments,

When you choose water over coke.

Or you put your socks in the dirty hamper instead of the floor.


I like to call these mini wins.

And every day you have them.


You might not know you’re having them,

Because you don’t choose to celebrate them.


But progress drives motivation,

And motivation drives success.


So, these mini wins are important.

More important,

than you think.


It’s like when you have a coffee card.

Buy 10 cups get the 11th one free.

The mini wins are buying the cups for 10 days, making you believe that you’re getting closer to the end goal which is that free 11th cup.

Everyday you’re getting closer,

Sure, its mundane.

It’s just coffee.

But those mini wins that you act on daily are slowly getting you to a bigger goal.

(of course, the goal of free coffee isn’t huge or life changing)


So maybe it’s not snoozing your alarm clock.

Or not eating that last donut in the kitchen at work.

Or finally remembering to close the cabinet door after getting a cup out.


These little moments,

These mini wins deserve to be celebrated.


Because every BIG win is an accumulation of these mini wins that happen,





So be proud of the fact that you didn’t need someone to remind you to take your vitamins.

Or that you left a few minutes early for work.

Be proud of the amount of veggies you ate yesterday,

And the way your hair looked for that date.


A mini win is when you didn’t want to work out, but you showed up anyways.

Or when you want to scream at the guy that cut you off, but you graciously smile instead.

Celebrate the things that make you feel good,

That make you feel strong and full of life.

Celebrate ALL the little things,

That add up,

that will make you better.


So, celebrate when your favorite song comes on  and you can sing it, alone, at the top of your lungs.

Because you deserve it,

Every little win.

Every single day.



With all these mini wins, big things will start coming your way…




“Don’t let life go by without knowing you OWN the power of choosing your happiness.”


Choose your happy,

Choose love,



P.S. you’re a winner

  • Andre Houtman
    Posted at 20:47h, 24 July Reply

    I love this!!! Keep Blogging!

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