Being broken isn’t something to fear, but staying broken, is…


I think as I have gotten older, I have realized that we are all a little broken.

That this life is full of bumps and bruises,

& some are filled with cracks and gorges.


That the things that have happened in our past

Have truly made us into who we are today.


Being broken isn’t to be feared.

But staying broken is…

You go through these impactful and meaningful moments.

Sometimes you don’t even know that they are happening.










But when they are over,

finished and gone.

You get this chance to look back and you realize just how significant it was.


Now, here’s the thing.

And this is strictly my opinion.


I think you get this slim moment in time to decide how that vital moment will affect you for the rest of your life.

You get to decide how you carry it,

Because trust me, you will carry it forever.

The way I see it is brokenness is important.

It’s catastrophic and disastrous,

But it tests,

And it proves the person you are.


So, in these slim moment, after the shattered glass.

You get to decide how you pick it up.

You can calmly stop, think, and sweep it under a rug.

Hide the pieces and walk away like nothing happened.

To unknowingly break more glass, over

And over,

And over again.

Because you didn’t really learn.


And there’s something I’ve seen, and I want you to understand…

Broken people,

Who choose to stay broken

Will continue to break other people.

And that is a sad cycle to live.


Then there’s the people,

Who see the shattered glass,

Know how it happened, know that its sharp

But start cleaning it up with their own bare hands.

It doesn’t take long before you get cut yourself.

You bleed, you weep, then you bend back down and start picking up pieces




because you think you must take on this burden alone.

Cleaning this broken glass takes forever,

and it’s painful and lonely.

You wonder when it will be over, but you never really took the time to understand it in the first place.

So, remember

You CAN NOT heal yourself with the same thing that broke you.


Then there’s this:

The shattered glass is there,

It happened,

You saw it happen.

You don’t know how or why something would shatter so quickly that was built so strong.

But instead of standing in front of it trying to make sense of it,

You choose to see the reality.

You choose to see what is in front of you,

Not what you want to see.

You decide that this brokenness was real, but it’s just an opportunity to rebuild.

So, you take the time to heal,

You put away the false expectations,

You let others help clean it up.

And you decide that being broken is not something to be feared,

But staying broken is.


Before you know it there’s no more glass,

just the memory of it.

& even though it was sad that it broke,

you get the chance to walk barefoot with no doubts or fears you’ll get cut.


So, choose to heal fully,

and choose to love peoples broken pieces,

While they try to heal.


Because we are all a little broken.

But be the person that rises,

from the flames and from the depths of the despair.


Decide you are willing to make hell,

Your heaven.


& I can promise you,

If heaven is anywhere,

It’s right here.



You deserve a life full of magic and bliss, you deserve to fall in love with your life daily.

You deserve to be loved and to love in the same capacity.

& you deserve to choose all of this.


Remember your worth-

Choose love,


“Being broken isn’t something to fear, but staying broken, is…”


  • Sarah Ramey
    Posted at 18:31h, 05 December Reply

    Another GEM! So needed to read this for a couple broken reasons but we always heal back stronger!

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