A Wright Family Tradition… or something like that…

adjective: thankful
1. pleased and relieved.
“they were thankful that the war was finally over”
synonyms: grateful, appreciative, filled with gratitude, relieved
“she was thankful that the evening was over”
expressing gratitude and relief.
“an earnest and thankful prayer”

Imagine the amount of times you say “thank-you” in a day?
Is it a handful of times? Or maybe only a few.
Do you say it because its polite or because when you are a child your parents taught you that it’s part of the “magic phrase” that gets you more chips or candy?
But when someone holds the door for you and the ever so common, “thanks” rolls off your tongue while you go about your day and don’t even think twice.
But to be thankful for things in life becomes more apparent around Thanksgiving.
I mean the name of the holiday is Giving Thanks so that kind of makes you feel like you have to talk and be thankful for the people and things in your life.
So we post on social media pictures of our food, our friends, our significant others our family and some people post about their dogs. To confirm and remind yourself and others just how “thankful” you are for these things.

I do it.

I’ve always done it.

I did it yesterday.

(mostly because im obsessed with my family)

But for me, throughout the years the reasoning of the posts and pictures has changed.
I have always been thankful and grateful for my family.

I have always had a thanksgiving day full of plenty of food, a lot of love and an unbelievable amount of nonsense and chaos.

The Wright family always does things a little different.

And that’s one thing I am extremely thankful for.

The fun, upbeat always laughing people I surround myself with make me a better person.

It makes me a pretty weird person too.

If you have seen our Thanksgiving pictures it consists of bright blue and pink dresses, sombreros and most recently ponchos.

It’s a Thanksgiving tradition that has grown over the years.

Now I wish that I could tell you that it’s a great story and that the reason we do this every year is because its inspiring and that the dress was passed down from a great grandmother who ate 4 turkeys and won the Mexican dress thanksgiving eating competition a hundred years ago.

But its not…

Its actually kind of embarrassing because the story is so bad.

This tradition started from what I can remember in 2008.
(which I previously believed it started in 2010 until i found the first picture)

It started because I came home from college and I remember other others always getting really dressed up for Thanksgivings with their family.

And at the Wright house we, did not.

We would wear sweat pants and baggy shirts and look like we all got ran over by buses.

So that year I went to get dressed and hanging in my old room was a blue Mexican dress that my mom must’ve put in my closet for some odd reason.

My mom saved a lot of things that should’ve been thrown away, but today I am thankful that she did not toss this festive dress.

So I put it on, laugh at myself in the mirror and make my grand entrance into the kitchen.

This raggedy, loose, blue dress was a hit.

My family laughed, we took pictures and I decided that this was officially my thanksgiving day dress. I told my family that this is what I would wear every thanksgiving.

I am so thankful i said that because 8 years later I am still wearing it and the whole family has joined.

For the first two years my blue dress was paired with these awful, and I mean awful, purple underwear with jewels on the but that were in the shape of butterflies.


We laughed and called them my butterfly kisses underwear. So I would walk around the house asking everyone wanted butterfly kisses.

Goodness guys, I cant handle myself- now I know why Im single.

I honestly have no idea why I had them, or why I would wear them.

And now i am hands down, thoroughly embarrassed and slightly mad at myself for actually telling you guys this and showing you this.

But hey- that’s life and my life is definitely funny.

So year after year we have made a Mexican dress Thanksgiving into so much more.

Let’s also find joy and humor in how different the dress starts fitting throughout the years.








This year was just that. It was our first thanksgiving in my dads new house.

It was coopers first thanksgiving.

And it was our first thanksgiving that we might of offended people because our tradition of walking in our outfits ended up being a stroll and a dance party in the middle of the Mesilla Plaza.

It was a perfect adventure.

And I am so thankful for it.

This year specifically I felt even more thankful for this day.

At the Wright house every year we go around the table and tell everyone what we are thankful for.

Its has ranged throughout the years from us being thankful for our healthy family,

To us being thankful for our guardian angels.

Morgen is thankful for her kids and husband.

While jeff has been thankful for his big ol’ D… well you get the point.

My dad always says how thankful he is for us, the grandkids and now his girlfriend.

Cindy is thankful for her cat and now our cat, but also for us all becoming family.

Sean continues to be thankful for his family and ours, which will always be the same.

And this year, like always, but certainly more adequate, I am thankful for them all.
I am sincerely thankful for the life that I live,

For the people in my life,

For the adventures that i’ve had

For the things I have, but also the things that i’ve lost.

And for this year to be one of the best years of my life.

I ended my turn with tears rolling down my face
and saying with a shaky but confident voice, that in this year I have been the happiest version of myself.

And that is the truth, bible.

As we all sat around a table dressed like fools, I couldn’t imagine having it any other way.

My life hasn’t been picture perfect

But in this moment this picture is my kind of perfect.



So because its thanksgiving but also because every day I tell myself I am thankful and most definitely grateful for this uncommon life that is filled with sorrow and joy.

And because this life is one to be thankful for.

“I write about the power of trying, because I want to be okay with failing. I write about generosity because I battle selfishness. I write about joy because I know sorrow. I write about faith because I almost lost mine, and I know what it is to be broken and in need of redemption. I write about gratitude because I am thankful – for all of it.”

I am thankful for you all too, thanks for keeping me motivated and captivated on chasing this little dream of mine.

Surprises are coming,

Today, just like yesterday,

Choose love,


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