You have to dream big darling…. The launch of something new…


Hello lovelies-




I cannot begin to express the gratitude, joy and ultimate realization to and for everyone who has been a part of this last year.

This year has been one of the best of my life.

I can say that firmly because it has followed a few of my worst.

Although it wasn’t the easiest in terms of becoming insanely open about my life, my trials, my wisdom and my growth.

I have learned so many things about myself,

And I cannot thank you guys for being such a huge and prominent part of that.

Because without you, I don’t think that I would be where I am today,

launching this website,

And this wonderful little dream of mine.

This dream is becoming reality because of the joy it brought to me, but also to you.

A blog that started as a way for me to track my days in Australia.

A silly little place for me to write about my adventures

And to be honest- a way to avoid having to talk to 100 different people while traveling alone.

This little blog that started on a mini ipad,

Has completely changed my life.

I fell in love with writing.

I fell in love with sharing my stories.

I fell in love with myself.

And I fell in love with knowing that I was Living Wright.

Not only did this become seemingly apparent,

but this little blog turned into my life.

I realized that this is what I want to do.

I want to write, I want to blog, I want to share my adventure and I want to do it all because it makes me happy.

And if there is one thing I have learned this year, it’s that happy is what i want to be.

That my ultimate goal at the end of my life is to live it to the optimum level of happiness that is only measured by me.

With that being said I’ve decided to chase my dream.

I’m launching this website that I’ve visualized of for the last 6 months.

From making the decision of transferring my writing from a little wordpress blog without a domain,

to picking a logo, with colors and fonts.

To pages of blogs,

with pictures and videos.

It seriously took me the solid 6 months to decide on the simple things, because I just couldn’t figure out how I was supposed to put everything I loved and thought this website should be into a small logo,

and into reality.

But with the help of my family, and a lot of sleepy time tea, I think i found the simplicity in the exploration.

This is a new beginning, another adventure and another step to being the human I will always chase to become.

Because everyday I will pursue a better me.

I started dreaming about a day when I could wake up every morning and just write,

Where all this crazy nonsense of words that roll through my brain gets documented and I can share them for years to come.

That ultimately this blog, becomes a website

and then a book.

A book that I can hold and turn the crisp pages of.

That my family can read,

and laugh

And cry with.

That this book is the start and end

of a journey that I get the opportunity to live.

A piece of history that holds my mom and sisters memories, stories, souls and life in.

So that my kids and their kids, and their kids can read and experience a piece of life that they would normally only hear about.

That they understand what life was like and how to Live Wright.

That when I’m gone and this adventure is over, that I’ve left something great behind.

Even if its only great to me.

Because unfortunately, life doesn’t say “Good job, you did great. We will let the world know how you handled life.”

You have to let the world know.

So here’s to the future, my dream and a warning to everyone in my life…

I will be writing about you, and us and probably some things that will make you uncomfortable.

Because dreams are meant to be chased, and I would rather be honest and real, than to pretend I’m something other than that.

To assist me in launching this website and to explain what Living Wright was I asked some people to help me.

Because Living Wright isn’t just this blog,

it isn’t just this website,

it is so much more and

I can’t thank you all enough for Living it with me.



Before I leave my house the beautiful face of Erin Turner (Wright) is the last thing I see with a photo of us from her bridal shower. When I get out of my car there she is again, clipped to my visor smiling that one and only Erin smile. And when I get to work, guess who’s cheery face greets me at my desk. I’m guilty of rushing out of the house with a frenzied and frustrated mindset which can carry over to racing around in my car getting mad at red lights and slow drivers and then coming into work with a bad attitude before my day even starts. However, It’s also at these times I catch a glimpse of that smile and I realize I’m not “living Wright”. Life hardly goes as planned and our character is shaped by how we react. Life really is beautiful if we slow down and let ourselves appreciate the little things like soft beanies from the farmers market, breakfast dates with friends, and surprise care packages and letters  in the mail. “Living Wright” is a gift I’m grateful I get to apply to this life that is more beautiful because of the time Erin was in my life. – Stephany Trego




To me, Living Wright is surrounding yourself with good people, hobbies, and interests to make for a happy you. However, it is also more than just that; Living Wright is enjoying each struggle that comes with the strength gained from something new. For every failed test, every rude customer at work, time wasted doing one thing when there was something else more important to be done: there will always be knowledge and a life lesson (or two) gained in the process of it all. In the midst of making money to pay bills, going to school to earn a degree, and enjoying family, the most self-satisfying aspect for becoming a better person is learning how to keep going in stressful situations and not pushing yourself too hard when accomplishing a goal. Focus more on the “Thank God” moments rather than the “What if” moments. Know there is nothing you cannot overcome in life, as mentality is everything. Start and end everyday with a smile because it is not always guaranteed; it is a gift. – Lainey Jameson



Living Wright is encompassed by those hair to the wind, off the wall, no filter moments of life. 

Its about spending the time to make yourself happy, and forgetting about the negative.

Watching little ones scream songs at the top of their lungs. Sitting in countless waiting rooms for those you love. Machete searches and tree houses in Honduras. Dancing on boats in the Virginia Islands.Holding hands to be near each other. Its Laughing so loud you turn heads. Mexican dresses on Thanksgiving. Thumper on New Years eve. Long walks around Mesilla. Fried food on Super bowl.Watching home movies. Sunrises and sunsets. Crossfit competitions. Fires on the beach. Balloon releases. Matching tattoos. Friday fun days. Crunchie bars. Happy hours. Horse races. Road Trips. Concerts and LOVE. – Morgen Wright-Pfeifer


I’ve always said don’t do something if it doesn’t make you happy, and I believe in that full heartedly. I’m 27 and playing professional soccer in a league that some don’t even know about, but it doesn’t matter because every time I step on the field and put my cleats on I’m a happy person. The soccer field is my escape from anything that is going on in my life. I guess it’s kind of like therapy. I can be driving to practice and thinking about everything going on, and as soon as I step on the field I don’t think about any of it. It’s a daily escape for me. I think working out in general is like that for a lot of people which is why people work out. It’s not only needed for your body physically but for yourself mentally. Being active has always been a family affair. My brother and I grew up playing soccer. We got in shape for soccer by running on these crazy runs with my Dad, on the canals by our house or in the desert around A mountain. It was just a normal thing for us. I think when people think of me and my family they immediately think soccer and I’m thankful for that. My parents have always been my biggest fans, and understand what soccer means to me.  I’ve met hundreds of people through my soccer career and I think having friends from all over has helped me become a better person and grow into the adult I am today. We all grew up differently and in different places, and I’ve learned to accept people who aren’t like me and don’t think like me. Some of them have become some of my closest friends. I’ve been able to visit numerous places and lived all over because of soccer and has taught me how to live right and most importantly how to live happily. – Taylor Lytle


Light.  If I had to use one word it would be light.  These words bring light to others.  Whether it’s a slight smile or a full belly laugh, light shines through.  Or it maybe taking something hard, even nearly unbearable and finding a way to make light shine from it.  It’s one of the most admirable gifts…being able to find peace or joy where no one else could and then sharing that light with others, truly a gift.  I’ve always been a fan of the written word and these writings are raw, beautiful and delightful.  It’s like having a really good book to look forward to.  In one blog, I have found myself laughing, crying and always feeling better.  I have been blessed to get to be some part of this story.  But enough about me.  The author of this blog is one amazingly talented person.  She is kind and giving and real.  Those qualities are hard to find and even harder to maintain in today’s world.   This wonderful person has those qualities and then some.  She then takes it a step further and without expectation shares love with the world.  Choosing love is another near impossible feat that she masters everyday.  And not only does this hero choose love, she shares it with others, truly heroic if you think about it.  As mentioned above, not many can spread light like she can.  She’s truly a part of the universe, like the stars that shine so brightly they can light up the night sky.  She is resilient and full of life.  She lives for life, for light.  And I am so excited to be a small part of her exciting journey!! – Erin Goad



Whatever Living Wright means to you, live it to the best of your ability.

Dream big, be bold, and do things that set your soul on fire.

And if you’re anything like me, then fill your life with so much love that there isn’t room for anything else.

(except for coffee and peanut butter)

Wake up everyday with purpose and do something active to be one more step closer to the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Chase your dreams even if you think they are silly and unreachable.

Say good things, do good deeds and document it all.

Because life moves fast and if it were up to me, I would go back and hold onto the pieces that I lost.

So this is for me, my family, my future, my past,

but most importantly to a life that I’ll never take for granted.



2016 was sure an adventure and I am pretty sad to see it go, but here’s to 2017 and a full life of chaos and beauty and to forever and always,



Living Wright & choosing love


If you’re reading this, thank you.

Thank you for reading along and sharing in this dream.

I would love to hear what Living Wright means to you, so pretty pretty please share your thoughts in the comments or if you aren’t fond of public writing, send me a message.

Explore the blog, read my about me, watch my videos and if you haven’t already, please subscribe!

You are all gems in my book…

Happy New Year sweet souls-

Promise me that today and forever, you’ll choose love,



“Don’t work 12 hours a day for somebody else and their dreams to not come home and work for yours.”

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    Your blog is very interesting, I’m curious of your adventures

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    You rock Kels! Love you girl ❤️

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