You are always bikini bod ready…

If there is anything that is more apparent than the fact that it’s almost “bikini season.”

Please toss it my way.

With a jar of pb to watch all this madness.

An overwhelming amount of posts on social media.

“12-week bikini bod workout.”

“Drop 10lbs in 3 days.”

“Wear this waist trainer to smash all your internal organs so you look the same, but just wasted $50 on a corset that does nothing… diet.”


Like what is actually going on?

Now, I know,

I knowwwwwwwww.

Who doesn’t want to have a bangin’ bod for the summer?

The short shorts.

The tank tops.

The red sunnyco bathing suit…..


Taking pictures under a waterfall spout…..




It’s all happening.

But if there is anything that I can preach,

(there’s a lot of things, but I’ll just hit on this one.)

Please remember,

You are ALWAYS bikini bod ready.

If you have a bikini,

And you have a bod.

Then you have the two most important aspects of that one statement.

Skinny is not a requirement.

Abs is definitely not in the name.

Literally all you need is what you were born in and some fabric to cover the bits that are illegal to show in public.


So, promise me that you won’t miss out on all the warm weather outings,

Or the lakeside adventures.

Just because you don’t have your “dream” body.

Because this “dream body” that you haven’t achieved yet is a work in progress,

and will be available to achieve next summer…

or the summer after that…

And to be honest- there are very few people in the world that could claim that they already have their perfect body.

And very few that are completely 100% comfortable in a wet piece of fabric that costs more than a month’s rent.

so, remember,

We are human. We are built with fat. We are built to eat.

There is beer on this earth that needs to be drank.

And if you aren’t going to drink it because of you’re being haunted by a beer bikini bod,

Then goodness gracious, I will do it for you.

Now I am preaching to myself right now when I say that life is too short to miss out on valued moments with your friends and family simply based off the fact that you aren’t comfortable in your current skin or lack thereof tanned skin.

So, I beg of you to work hard,

Eat right,

Be consistent in your fitness and health journey.

*get a spray tan

But always remember that you are not a bikini bod on Instagram or snapchat.

You are not what you wear or how you wear it.

You are you,

and the way you are right now, is waiting for you to pick up that swim suit, pair of board shorts or chubbies

(Dudes- this is for you too)

And wear the shit out of it.

Strap it.

Wrap it.

And get after it.

You are meant to be showed off.

Because the standards that the media and others set,

Does not have to be the standard you set.

Because who was this person that determined what bikini body ready even looks like?

Is it a mom rockin a one piece?

Or a dad with his #DADBOD.

I think being bikini bod ready has little to do with what you actually look like in one,

And more to do with how you feel in one.

So here’s to the unrealistic standards that society deems necessary to preach,

And the image of thong bikinis flooding your Instagram feed.

All those baseball games, pool parties and lake days are waiting,

Eat a salad and drink a beer.




You are pure fire.

This summer especially,

Choose love,




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